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Pikacord the multipurpose Discord bot.



  • Pikacord

A multipurpose bot which can make your server prettier than ever and help you manage it at the extreme. The bot is built using the discord.js library.
**For welcome messages create a channel with some words like "welcome", "greet" etc.
For detailed information about the bot, you can join this server.

 The secret Phrase is: Pikacord Bot is best. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Why would I donate? Donating supports the developer and the bot. Also, you get a special role with a color code of your choice on the Pikacord™BOT official server Also 100 pikacoins /1$.
Where can I donate? You can donate through Patreon with the link provided by !patreon
How to setup welcome and Goodbyes message
Just create a new channel named welcome_goodbyes to get welcome and goodbyes message
How to change logs of Pikacord bot it is sending all in default channel You can create a channel named * Log and Pikacord will auto log all new updates of the server there
I need help regarding Pikacord™ Bot commands?
Make sure you read GitHub guide first and use !help command name before asking for help and also make sure Pikacord bot has all important permission(admin permission) if you don't know all!!
How to remove command cooldown? Command cooldown is added to stop mass spam aka overload of the bot. So, you can't turn off it yet
How to get more pikacoins aka money??
••Random pikacoin will spawn in the #chat-safe channel of official server, by becoming active in chat and chatting with other users you can get more pikacoins!!


Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-batslap :: Mention another user to slap them as batman. :: batslap @mention
p-beautiful :: beautiful :: beautiful mention
p-challenger :: challenger :: challenger mention
p-facepalm :: Facepalm on someone stupidityp- :: facepalm
p-garbage :: Throw someone to garbage. :: garbage @mention
p-missing :: missing :: missing mention
p-painting :: Mention another user to post a deadly painting of them. :: painting @mention
p-please :: Say please to someonep- :: Please @mention
p-superpunch :: Mention another user for a deadly superpunch to them. :: superpunch @mention
p-respect :: respect :: respect mention
p-tattoo :: Mention another user to get them tattooed on your arm. :: Tattoo @mention
p-triggerd :: Triggered :: triggerd mention
p-wanted :: wanted :: wanted mention
Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-about :: All info about the BOT :: about
p-patreon :: Sends an patreon of bot. :: patreon
Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-adcheck :: Shows a list of users with invite links in-game.:: adcheck
p-addrole :: Give role to a mentioned user.:: give mention role
p-ban :: Ban a mentioned user.:: ban mention reason
p-clear :: Clears X number of messages.:: clear number
p-kick :: Kicks a mentioned user.:: kick mention reason
p-mute :: Mutes a mentioned user.:: mute mention
p-removerole :: Give role to a mentioned user.:: give mention role
p-setprefix :: Show or change the custom prefix.:: setprefix or setprefix new prefix
p-serverinvite :: Sends the current server's invite url.:: serverinvite
p-softban :: Soft Bans a mentioned user.:: softban mention reason

Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-8ball :: Ask 8ball a yes/no question. :: 8ball question
p-achievement :: Get an achievement of something. :: achievment content
p-anime :: Get anime info :: anime name
p-avatar :: Shows your someone' avatar url. :: avatar user
p-bakchodi :Random bakchodi :: bakchodi
p-cat :: Sends a random cat. :: cat
p-clapify :: Clapifies some text. :: clapify text
p-comic :: Random comics :: comic
p-bear :: Random bear images.:: bear
p-dab :: Get a random dab. :: dab
p-dice :: Rolls a dice. :: dice
p-eat :: Eats someone or something for fun. :: eat something
p-emojify :: Emojifies some text. :: emojify text
p-hug :: Hug someone 💑: hug mention
p-joke :: Sends a random joke. :: joke
p-kiss :: Kiss someone 💑: kiss mention
p-laugh :: Laugh on someone. :: laugh mention
p-manga :: Get manga info :: manga name
p-marvelmemes :: Sends Random marvel memes :: marvelmemes
p-memes :: Sends Random memes and Dank memes :: memes
p-notwork :: Notwork :: notwork
p-owo :: OwO :: owo message
p-panda :: Sends a random panda. :: panda
p-pat :: Pat someone. :: pat mention
p-penguin: Sends a random penguin. :: penguin
p-ping :: Ping Pong command. :: ping
p-pokememes :: Sends Random Pokemonmemes :: pokememes
p-raffle: Raffles an random user from the server. :: raffle
p-roll :: Rolls a random number from specified numbers. Rolls from 1 to 100 if no number specified. :: roll number1 - number2
p-rps :: Play Rock/Paper/Scissor with bot. :: rps your choice
p-ship :: Ship two users. :: ship mention
p-slap :: Slaps someoneslap mention

Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-betflip :: Bet money on coin flip.
p-betroll :: Bet money on roll.
p-cash :: Check how much cash a person have.
p-daily :: Get daily pikacoins!!
p-leaderboard :: see TOP 10 hall of fame of Pokecoins .
p-pick :: pick.
!p-register :: register
Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-pokeporn :: Sends some pokemon hentai images :: pokeporn
Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-botinvite :: Sends an invite of the bot. :: invite
p-channelid :: Shows the current channel' id. :: channelid
p-channelinfo :: Shows info on a channel. :: cinfo channel
p-channels :: Gives a list of channels in that server. :: channels
p-channeltopic :: Shows channel topic of the current channel. :: channeltopic
p-emojis :: Shows all current server custom emojis. :: emojis
p-emoteinfo :: Shows a certain custom emoji's info. :: emoji: emoji:
p-motivate :: Sends a motivational message. :: motivate
p-placeholder :: Sends a place holder image :: placeholder width X height
p-roleinfo :: Shows info on a specified role. :: roleinfo role mention or role name
p-roles :: Gives a list of roles in that server. :: roles
p-serverid :: Shows the current server's id. :: channelid
p-serverinfo :: Shows info on the server. :: serverinfo
p-stats :: Shows info on the bot. :: stats
p-userid :: Shows user id of someone. :: userid user
p-userinfo :: Shows info on a user. :: userinfo user
p-weather :: Get weather of a location :: weather location
Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-ability :: Shows info on an ability. :: ability ability name
p-item :: Shows info on an item. :: item item name
p-move :: Shows info on a move. :: move move name
p-nature :: Get info on nature. :: nature nature
p-pokedex :: Shows info on a Pokemon. :: Pokedex pokemon name
p-rotomdex :: ROTOM dex from ultra sun moon :: rotomdex pokemonname
p-tcg :: look for a Pokémon TCG card and display it. The find subcommand searches for a card by name (eg. Decidueye), followed by an optional set id (eg. sm1). The listsubcommand displays a list of sets (by ID) in which a given card is present. :: tcg find cardset,tcg list card
p-type :: Shows info on a Pokemon type. :: type type name
p-weak :: Get weakness of a Pokémon. :: weak pokemon
Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-bwgif :: Sends a Pokemon gif from BW2. :: bwgif pokemon
p-coinflip :: Flips a Pokémon coin. :: coinflip
p-gba :: Sends a GBA styled sprite of the specified pokemon. :: gba pokemon name
p-gif :: Sends a Pokemon animated sprite. :: gif pokemon
p-img :: Sends a Pokemon image. :: img pokemon
p-pmd :: Sends the Pokemon's icon from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky. :: pmd pokemon name
p-pokefuse :: Get a Pokémon fusion. :: pokefusion pokemon1pokemon2
p-shinyhuntr :: Shiny hunting. :: shinyhuntr
p-randomfusion :: Get a random Pokémon fusion. :: randomfusion
p-randompokemonfusion :: Sends some pokemon images :: randompokemonfusion
p-randpokemon :: Sends some pokemon images :: randpokemon
p-shinygif :: Sends a Pokemon shiny animated sprite. :: shinygif pokemon
p-shinyimg :: Sends a Pokemon shiny image. :: shinyimg pokemon
p-showdown :: get all info of showdown :: showdown
p-shuffle :: Sends a random Pokemon shuffle icon. :: shuffle
p-sprite :: Sends the Pokemon's sprite from specified game code. :: sprite gamecode pokemon name
p-trainer :: Shows a random or specific trainer sprite. :: trainer or trainer gendersprite#
Music commands prefix are not changeable! Pikachu 2.0 prefix is pika2!help!
Command nameDescriptionUsage
pika!search :: Search for up to 10 results.pika!search
pika!play :: Queue a song/playlist by URL or search for a song.pika!play
pika!skip :: Skip a song or multi songs.pika!skip
pika!queue :: Shows the current queue.pika!queue
pika!pause :: Pauses the queue.pika!pause
pika!resume :: Resume the queue.pika!resume
pika!adjust :: Adjusts the volume of the bot.pika!adjust
pika!clearqueue :: Clears the current queue.pika!clearqueue
pika!np :: Shows the currently playing song.pika!np
pika!leave :: Leave and clear the queue.pika!leave
pika!loop :: Changes the loop state.pika!loop
pika!join :: Join your current voice channel.pika!join
Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-help :: Displays all the available commands or info on a certain command. :: help or help command
Command nameDescriptionUsage
p-rate :: Rate a waifu. :: rate mention

Extra Information

This repository is just a placeholder repository about the bot. If you happen to have any issues regarding the bot then you can report an issue here or in the official discord server of the bot.

To add this bot to your server use this link click here

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