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Pokemon Amaryllis


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Name: Pokemon Amaryllis
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Mantager


The region of Ohkai: a chilly, bumpy landmass, located a great distance away from the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. Ohkai is a wondrous place; it is characterized by its great variety of beautiful flowers, and the new Pokémon that inhabit it. Recently however, one flower, the Amaryllis, has been appearing in specific places in Ohkai, despite Ohkai not being its natural habitat at all.
You are a child from Wistfall Village, a small town located in the south-west of Ohkai. Professor Basswood, an botanist and Pokémon enthuasiast. One morning, a red-headed girl moves into Wistfall Village. On this day, Basswood gives you and this girl a rare Pokémon as a partner. He then tasks you both with investigating the mysterious appearances of the Amaryllis.
At the same time, a group named Team Epoch has been formed. Team Epoch are researching the minds and biology of Pokémon and how to control them. The Pokémon Rangers of the region do not like this, and set out to foil Team Epoch's activities. Unfortunately, you and the red-headed girl become entangled in the battle to stop Team Epoch...
Why is the Amaryllis appearing in Ohkai? Will Team Epoch succeed with this plan? And, how will your journey unfold? 


  • A completely new region, Ohkai
  • A planned 50+ Pokémon to catch and train!
  • Many new custom moves
  • Lots of moves and abilities from Gen IV-VI have been added
  • Physical-special split added


Mantager, Involuntary-Twitch, NuclearOmega, Peegeray, NewDenverCity, Squeetz, Swag Lord, Jambo51, HackMew, DoesntKnowHowToPlay, Darthatron, Neoriceisgood, Mr. Dollsteak 


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