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Completed The Holy Mountain: A Pokémon Adventure

[Image: a9XCuFz.png]
You play as Kazuo, a monk living atop a remote mountain in Japan. One day, you decide to travel to the mountain's peak in order to confront the evil spirit that is responsible for the death of your sister.

It's a game about mood and atmosphere instead of instant gratification, i.e. there are no trainer battles or running shoes, only wild Pokémon and sporadic NPCs. I've tried to pack as much as possible into its brief running time - there are three endings, depending on how you defeat the final boss.

Having played it again, I'll admit it's flawed - the opening stages are too reliant on dialogue, for instance, and some bits just don't work. But there's plenty in there that's important to me as a game developer and storyteller. And if you like Legends of the Arena, well, you'll probably find this interesting.

[Image: k7OTN6u.png]
Concept - Nintendo/Game Freak
Pokémon Essentials - Flameguru/Poccil/Maruno
Tiles - Kyledove/Chimcharsfireworkd
Music - Okami Original Soundtrack (Rei Kondo/Masami Ueda/Hiroshi Yamaguchi/Akari Groves)
Splash Screen - Pukahuna


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