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Completed Pokemon Pantheon


Pokemon Pantheon

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About the Game

Pokemon Pantheon is about a grand tournament being funded by the Crotek Company, called the Crotek Grand Championship! This tournament is designed to bring the best trainers from all over the world to a special island called Sealand, where they will battle it out for the chance to be crowned as the best trainer in the world! The tournament has 5 rounds, with two battles per round for the first 3 rounds, and only one battle for each of the last two rounds, bringing a total of 8 grueling matches for the player!

There are three major characters that you will get to know during the Crotek Grand Championship:

The Protagonists:
Spencer and Lily act as your protagonists for Pokemon Pantheon. Both come from Kingdom City, in the Aroma region! They have proven themselves skillful in battle, even defeating the elite four in their region, and have become the champions of their home!

The Rival:
Image result for pokemon fusion generationLogan has been your lifelong rival, ever since you started your journey through Aroma. He nearly beat you in becoming champion, but failed to defeat the original champion before you could. Still, Logan is a kind and caring friend, and is the reason you were both able to come to the tournament!

The Owner:

Mr. Dolos is the current owner of the Crotek Company, and is the sponsor for the Crotek Grand Championship! No one is quite sure where his company started from, but they have made sure to make a name for themselves by gathering any and all trainers who have proven to be the most skilled in their regions.

Game Features
Pokemon Pantheon boasts many new features throughout the game. For basic features, this game has:
  • All pokemon up to gen 5 in the game, with gen 5 mechanics
  • Custom characters and story
  • Randomized Tournament features (See "Tournament" for more info below)
  • Randomized Items
  • Randomized Dialogue for NPCS
  • Randomized Shop items that refresh every round!
  • Draft system style of selecting pokemon! (See "Draft" below for more info)
  • Up to 4 endings to discover and play!
  • Sharable seeds, allowing players to give their friends the seed they have, and have the same randomized features for both players! 
  • Easy, Normal, and Hard Difficulties
  • Permadeath. If you lose during the tournament, your game is over with. Play smart!
To help point out some of the bigger ones, I am going to create subsections in this catagory for them.

Tournament Features
Baaabuuu has worked on some special features in order to make this game jam different. We wanted to a create a dynamic and fun environment, especially for a tournament. We didn't think that a tournament in which the same trainers are always there, with the same names and teams. It's boring. So Baaabuuu locked himself into his room and started working. Once he came back to us, he came bearing gifts. He created a system, in which 255 trainers would be generated, where they would draft Pokémon, just like the player, creating a rich environment with different trainers to go up against for every single game, with no two games alike (unless you share a seed file!). He then went on to work on a tournament system, which This system would take the trainers and have them battle each other, ensuring that the trainers advancing wasn't decided on by a coin flip.

Did You say Randomized?
When we say the game is randomized, we completely mean it. The game automatically creates a random key, called a seed, which will create a world custom made for your playthrough! Almost everything is randomized in the game: every trainer you fight will be different, every pokeball you see will contain a different item, every shop will restock with different items each round, and every npc will not only look different, but say something different too! No two playthroughs should look alike, unless... (See "Seed Feature" below)

Draft Features
The draft system in Pokemon Pantheon is by far one of our biggest features in the game. Since your protagonist is already a seasoned trainer, they have tons of pokemon at their disposal already, but unfortunately the tournament only allows trainers to take 10 pokemon with them. "But Lunar," you might ask, "How does this affect me?" Simple, the player is allowed to pick 10 pokemon from a selection of 50, by picking one pokemon out of 5 for ten draft rounds. Each pokemon will have random stats, moves, abilities, natures, and even nicknames, and have a 1/50 chance to be shiny! Your pokemon selections will come from five different categories which were made based on the various aspects of the pokemon, just like any other tier system. You have a pick between Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Once you have selected 10 pokemon, those are your only ten pokemon for the entire tournament, so make sure you choose your partners right!

Downloads And Resource Pack
Pokemon Pantheon is downloadable and playable for both PC and Mac users. To download, simply click the link below and press the gray "download from browser" button that pops up!

Download Link for Windows! (latest update: 08/19/16)

Download Link for Mac! (latest update: 08/19/16)


Main Team Credits:

BaaabuuuFor the amazing custom tournament script, randomizing script, and the seed script, as well as an overall coder and bug fixer for Pantheon.
LunarDuskFor the custom character sprites, title screen, eventing, interior maps, story, and being the team newbie to rpgmaker.
BigFriv - For the awesome island map that he put together for the game.

Other Credits:

Credits for a collection of the used tilesets go to (All found on deviantart)
Credits for the base trainer backsprites and overworlds used to bring our characters to life belong to
Kyle-Dove (deviantart)
GregarLink10 (deviantart)
Solink (

Credit for some of the Higher quality music files that were used:
Pokemon Essentials Kit:


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