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Completed Pokémon Thyme

[Image: 2S27za5.png]

...Is the title of the game jam game I made this year. It is currently 4 AM and I am too tired to playtest anymore, so I can only hope that the game doesn't have any big bugs left. I am very surprised that I managed to finish this in thyme.

One day, when you're just minding your own business, standing around in Jamstone Outskirts doing... nothing, basically, you hear a scream of PANIC!
Following the direction the shout came from, you find a Strange Charm. Little do you know that this charm will be the centre (or like, somewhere close to it at least) of my most poorly thought out story yet! Travel through two versions of Jammest Island- past and present to stop an eccentric thief from the past and a not very interesting historian from the present from catching Celebi and causing the world as we know it to fall into chaos! Or, at least, that's what I assume would happen if Richard got it.

Game Screenshots:
[Image: x4wkU2b.png] [Image: PHopbW5.png] 
[Image: PG9jDa0.png] [Image: LeXnlV1.png]
[Image: HpFfyA8.png] [Image: q61WAFo.png] 
[Image: mBFZGCl.png] [Image: tz4CMi0.png]




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