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Completed The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion

[Image: secret%20of%20cinnabar%20title%20screen_zps2ucj6tzc.png]
The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion
Hi everybody! I'm Twitch, and this is my game, The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion. I made it over the course of about a month for the Relic Castle Summer 2015 Game Jam. It was my first time using Pokemon Essentials to make my own game entirely from scratch, and developing it was a fantastic learning experience. I wanted to explore making a game in the style of Gen One and expand on some areas of canon that I felt had a lot of potential. I'm so thrilled and flattered by the positive reception this game has gotten! I was not at all expecting to win Judge's Choice for my little hour-long game, either. I'd like to thank Relic Castle so much for the inspiration and the encouragement I needed to make this -- thanks so much, everybody!

A narrative-focused game in the style of Pokemon Red and Blue. Explore and discover the mysteries of the ruined mansion on Cinnabar Island. You play as a scientist tasked with delivering a package. Read all the journals and uncover the mystery of why the mansion was abandoned -- but be wary of hostile trainers and wild Pokemon!

This game takes about an hour to complete. There are 2 endings, so try and find them both! It's not too hard, but if you get stuck on trying to get the Good Ending, feel free to PM me and I'll tell you how you can do it.

  • 100% Completed Game
  • Nostalgic 8Bit Graphics
  • Choose between three partner Pokemon: Magneton, Porygon, or Weezing!
  • 2 Endings
  • Fantastic music by GlitchxCity

[Image: secret%20screen1_zpsm5vqruke.png] [Image: secret%20screen2_zpslgz95cdu.png][Image: secret%20screen6_zpsvjyidqrl.png] [Image: secret%20screen5_zps8vk2dwqa.png][Image: secret%20screen4_zpsjhoadgk7.png] 
  • Concept - Nintendo/Game Freak
  • Pokémon Essentials - Flameguru/Poccil/Maruno
  • GSC Essentials - Comboy
  • Tiles - RBY Tileset from the Spriters' Resource, custom edits by me
  • Music - Pokemon Mansion Remix by GlitchxCity, Pokemon RBY music from VGMusic


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