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Samus & Pikachu: The Subspace Emissary ~completed!~


Space/Enter: to select choices, talk (A button)

X: cancel, exit interfaces (B button)

Use the arrow keys to move.

You can also press F8 to take screenshots. They are automatically saved as BMP format in your Saved Games folder.


Trophy land is being invaded by the forces of the Subspace Army. One particular Smasher, Samus Aran, has had her Varia Suit captured. In her Zero Suit, she must infiltrate the Research Facility on the Isle of the Ancients in order to retrieve it. What will she encounter in the facility's sinister halls?


-play as Samus Aran, space warrior and main character from the Metroid series
-the Research Facility storyline from the adventure mode, the "Subspace Emissary", of Super Smash Bros. Brawl
-a newly redesigned party menu/screen, inspired by the SSBB logo
-after you rescue Pikachu, it will become your loyal partner for the rest of the game


This is what the overworld interface looks like. Isn't little Samus cute?

If you've played SSBB, you'll probably be familiar with R.O.B. They're everywhere in this game. Don't worry though, they should be super easy to handle.

The Pikachu generator. What will you do?

Pikachu was freed and the alarms have gone off. Clearly, several R.O.B. have taken notice.

The broken machine. From this point on, Pikachu will follow you everywhere you go.

The redesigned Pokemon party screen.

The summary screen. FYI, Samus has been scripted to always have a Serious nature.

Likewise, Pikachu always has a Hardy nature. Look! It's holding a light ball.

Pikachu vs R.O.B.

Yes, it's the computer room. This room is completely optional to visit and has no bearing on whether or not you can proceed in the game.

The copies of your Varia Suit which you must defeat.

After you win...

Donning the Varia Suit at last.

Image result for pokemon fusion generation
The bag screen.

Samus acquires Ice Beam.

The final part of the game - taking down Ridley, Samus's arch-nemesis.

An epic battle.

Once you've acquired a certain item, you will be able to access the recovery room, which has a bed for two inside. Using it will completely your party. This is also where you'll be sent in case all of your Pokemon faint.


...goes to poccil and Flameguru for creation of the Pokemon Essentials starter kit, which this game is built on, and Maruno for its upkeep in recent years.

Pokemon, Metroid and the Super Smash Bros. series are property of Nintendo. No copyright infringement intended.


1. Download the compressed game data from mediafire:

The file is about 24 mb.

2. Once the file has finished downloading, double-click on it to extract the data. This shouldn't take longer than a few seconds.

3. A new folder will be created. Open it and open "Game.ini" in notepad or another text editor. Change "RGSS104E" to "RGSS102E". Save the file.

4. Double-click the exe called "Game" (its icon looks like an orange gear) to play. If the game doesn't work, please let me know!


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