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Download Open Emu

Open Emu is yet another feature-rich alternative Game Boy Advance emulator for OS X. The Best thing about Open Emu is it acts as an interface for multiple gaming console emulators.
Thus, using a single Open Emu, you can download multiple cores to emulate GBA, GBC, NES, and even Atari systems. Hence, a single Open Emu program can run GBA games, NES games, and even Other gaming console games too
But, since it has a few extra features, Open Emu can be at times very unstable and may close unexpectedly. Just click on “ReOpen” to relaunch Open Emu in the previous running state.
Plus, the additional support for screen recording & Joystick support make it a sweet all-in-one emulator for all your gaming needs, so you need not download separate emulators for each gaming console type.


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