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Pokemon 3D

Pokémon 3D is a game still in development with the proposal to enable the game of Pokémon series using a camera in the perspective of first person.
"Camera changes are nothing new in the series," you can comment. And it's true: in Pokémon X / Y , both for Nintendo 3DS, we followed the adventure with a camera in three dimensions (which in itself was something quite innovative), but still does not compare to the possibility of experiencing a journey as the view here. 
Even if everything happens from a first person perspective, you still have an avatar here. It will not appear during the exploration, but at least there will be the possibility to visualize it as soon as the battle is about to begin and at times when your pokémon will attack. 
Speaking of pokémons, their sprites were also remade for this version, gaining a detail here and there - it is worth remembering that the games that served as the basis for the edition that we present here (namely, Pokémon Gold / Silver) were released for Game Boy Color - because it was necessary to give an update on the package delivered in that question.

All the same, but everything different

With the original background music and all the first generation of Pokémon to capture you, there's no stopping you from feeling nostalgic as you explore the Johto region from a new perspective. In Pokémon 3D, you play mostly alone, as in the original game, however, Pokémon Centers allow you to challenge your friends online by hosting a temporary server for you to deal with.
If you were wanting to play Pokémon again, but did not want to get bored quickly, maybe Pokémon 3D is really the option. After all, although you end up doing the same things, it is possible to experience the world of the series in a totally unusual way. Also, if you enjoy  Minecraft , you probably will not have a problem getting accustomed to the graphics pixelated to the extreme of this title.


  • Keys W, A, S and D : movement;
  • E key : opens the menu and cancels selections;
  • Enter : interacts with characters or objects. Also selects options;
  • Esc : Opens the system menu, allowing the game to close.


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