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Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Version 4.3 is now available to playtest! Scroll down to download it!

This is a game based on the Pokemon fusion generator.
This game re-introduces the DNA Splicers from Black and White 2... Except this time, you can use it on EVERY Pokémon!
Use them to combine any two Pokémon together into a completely new Pokémon, putting the total number of individual Pokemon available in the game to 99 225!

Note about the postgame:
 There is a glitch in some versions where does Johto postgame does not unlock after beating the league. To fix this, install the latest patch, go talk to the Update Man (top floor of Pokémon Centers) and select 'Fix game'.

  • Pokemon FusionEvery Pokémon can be fused with any other Pokémon. Each combination has a unique sprite, stats, movepool, pokedex entry, and everything else you could expect from a Pokémon.
  • 99 225 possible combinations: This allows you to get truly creative and have your own unique team every playthrough.
  • Every Pokémon from generations 1 and 2, with their evolutions, as well as 35 Pokémon from generations 3 and 4
  • Over 1000 handmade, custom sprites All of them made by the community.
  • Fairy type
  • Full Kanto region with extra areas and gen 4-5 inspired graphics
  • Johto postgame Continue your journey into the Johto region 3 years before the events of Gold and Silver.
  • Nicknaming Pokémon directly from the menu
  • Over 30 Sidequests
  • Wild double battles
  • Rematch or trade with NPCs after battling them
  • WonderTrade simulator
  • Faster Day/Night system
  • Trainer House: Take part in the trainer house challenge in Viridian City to battle against trainers with teams of completely random Pokémon to earn Trainer Points that you can spend on great prizes!
  • Integrated speed up button
  • Classic mode or Random mode
And a lot more!

What's new in 4.2?
  • All gen 2 Pokémon
  • All Cross-gen evolutions of gen 1 and 2 Pokémon
  • 35 extra Pokémon from the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions
  • Improved sprites for every single fusion. (thanks to
  • Victory Road and Elite 4
  • Johto postgame (4 additional gym badges)
  • Selecting abilities during fusion
  • Improved battle UI
  • More Randomized mode options
  • Post-game gym leader rematches

And a lot more. Got to the Changelog section for the full changelog!

v4.3 (playtest version)

More screenshots


Note: The 4.3 version (which adds the Pokemon League and some new Pokémon) is in its playtesting stage, meaning there likely are some bugs in it still. If you want to play a more stable version, you could download the legacy 4.0 version instead.

Version 4.3
Full download

Bugfix patch (4.3.3)
*This patch is included in the full download, so you don't have to download both.

You should download both the full game and the patch to have the most up to date version. You will NOT lose your progress if you started playing in an earlier version.
Your savefile will be compatible with the new version, but the game will have to convert your Pokémon if you started playing on version 3.0 or before (you will be prompted to do so when you launch the game).

How to install patch
1. Make sure that you have downloaded the full game at some point.
2. Download the patch
3. Extract the patch somewhere on your computer using Winrar, 7zip or any other program. 
4.Copy the content into your game's installation folder (click 'yes' when Windows asks you if you want to replace the older files)
5. Open Game.exe to play the game. 

Legacy versions
Version 4.0
Full download


Choose one of the two versions. Download it and extract it to play the game. Choose on of the "Updating from a previous version" links if you don't want to redownload the 90k+ sprites.
To update, simply extract the zip where the previous installation of the game is, replacing everything.

Red and Blue versions are exactly the same except that in Blue version, all trainers have reversed fusions. It is suggested to choose Red version if you're playing from an earlier version of the game.

3.1 Full download: 
Red version
Blue version

Updating from an earlier version
Red version
Blue version

The first thing to do after updating your game to 3.0 is to go to the top floor of a Pokémon Center and talk to the Update Man.

IMPORTANT: If you want to continue playing from an earlier Save file, you have to edit the Game.ini file and change the 4th line to 
Alternatively, you can find your Saved file folder in C:\Users\YourName\Saved Games\ and rename the folder called “InfiniteFusion” to “Pokémon Infinite Fusion” 

Also, if you are updating from an earlier version, you might get stuck if you last saved in a map that no longer exists. These maps depend on which version you're updating from.
To be safe, I suggest you save inside of a Pokémon Center before updating and you shouldn't run into any problems.

Click here to see the full changelog
  • Bugfixes and various tweaks
  • Changed legendary bird event at Cinnabar Island: You can now choose which bird you want to go after.
  • Other two legendary birds can now be fought after the 8th gym
  • Added seafoam Islands
  • Randomized Mode: Gyms are now assigned a random type (only works with a new game)
  • Added Surfboard


Follow this link for the full 3.0 changelog


  • Bugfixes
  • Added two new quests in Celadon City hotel
  • Added items in Safari Zone
  • Bugfixes
  • Added Eevee in Celadon City
  • Added Rock Tunnel, Lavender Town, Pokémon Tower, Celadon City, Celadon Sewers, Fuchsia City, and all the routes in between.
  • Story up to Fuchsia City (5th badge)
  • Added female protagonist
  • Revamped several older maps such as Pallet Town, Viridian City, Pewter City, Route 3 and Route 9.
  • Added hotels in most cities as a hub for sidequests
  • Added dozens of sidequests
  • Added music when seen by trainers
  • Added unreal time system: 1 day = 24 minutes
  • Added a few custom fused Pokémon sprites
  • Added TMs/HMs
  • Changed a few Pokémon types (see FAQ)
  • Added Trainer House: Battle facility where you fight teams of random Pokémon to earn points.
  • Added new intro at the start of a new game
  • Changed message boxes to BW-styled speech bubbles
  • And a lot more stuff for you to discover on your own!

Older versions

Don't be surprised, the file is a lot larger than other Essentials games. There are lots of files in there, most of them sprites. The game folder is a little over 1gb when extracted so it's normal if it takes a while to extract everything.

If you see any bugs in the game (even small ones) or if you have any comments, suggestions about things you'd like to change, or if you just want to share your team, don't hesitate to post it in this thread!

About the game

Game mechanics

The major feature of this fangame is that it allows any two Pokémon to be fused with each other.
This is done through an item called DNA Splicers that can be purchased in any Pokémart from the very beginning of the game.

Fused Pokémon are procedurally generated. A fused Pokémon behaves exactly the same as a regular Pokémon. They gain experience, learn moves, have abilities, and can even evolve. All of their attributes are a combination of the two fused Pokémon's attributes so you can get creative and experiment yourself.
There are 315 Pokémon available in the game. This includes all of the first two generations, as well as their cross-generation evolutions. This amounts to 99,225 possible combinations, meaning that you will rarely encounter the same fusion twice!

Pokémon Fusion
Each halves of a fused Pokemon evolve separately.
So for Squirtle + Pidgey, you'll get:
Squirtgey -lvl16-> Wargey -lv18--> Wareotto -lv36--> Blasteot
Same thing with Pokemon that evolve with stone
As a note, trade evolutions now evolve at level 40.

As of version 4.1, stats are determined by a weighted average of individual stats. 
Stats associated with the body (Attack, Defense and Speed) will be given more weight for the body's Pokemon while Special stats (Sp. Attack, Sp.Defense and HP) will be given more weight for the head's Pokemon)

So basically, the base stats will be calculated as such:
HP: (2/3) * headHP)) + ((1/3)*bodyHP))
Atk: (2/3) * bodyAtk)) + ((1/3)*headAtk))
Def: (2/3) * bodyDef)) + ((1/3)*headDef))
SpAtk: (2/3) * headSpAtk)) + ((1/3)*bodySpAtk))
SpDef: (2/3) * headSpDef)) + ((1/3)*bodySpDef))
Spd: (2/3) * bodySpd)) + ((1/3)*headSpd))

So for example, let's take a fusion between Gyarados and Caterpie . 
Gyarados (HP:95 , Atk:125, Def:79 , SpAtk:60 , SpDef:100 Spd:81 )
Caterpie (HP:45 , Atk:30, Def:35 , SpAtk:20 , SpDef:20 Spd:45 )

A fusion of Gyarados as the body and Caterpie as the head would have the following stats:
Caterdos: (HP:62 , Atk:93, Def:64 , SpAtk:33 , SpDef:47, Spd:69 )

While a fusion of Caterpie as the body and Gyarados as the head would have those stats:
Gyarapie: (HP:78 , Atk:62, Def:50 , SpAtk:47 , SpDef:73, Spd:57 )

Type is determined according to the first type of the head/color Pokémon and the second type of the body Pokémon (first if it only has 1 type) 
If the two types are the same, then it will be single-type.

Here are a few examples to help you visualize it better:

Bellsprout (Grass/Poison) + Mr. Mime (Psychic/Fairy) -> Bellmime (Grass/Fairy)
Kadabra (Psychic) + Zapdos (Electric/Flying) -> Kadados (Psychic/Flying)
Geodude (Rock/Ground) + Mew (Psychic) -> Geoew (Rock/Psychic)
Tentacool (Water/Poison) + Zubat (Poison/Flying) -> Zucool (Water/Flying) 
Zubat (Poison/Flying) + Tentacool (Water/Poison) -> Zucool (Poison) 

There are some exceptions. Normal/Flying types are considered single-type Flying, Gyarados is considered single-type water and the Ghastly line are considered single-type ghost.

A fused Pokemon gets the full movesets of both parents.
So Blastizard will learn Hydro Pump at level 60 and then Inferno at level 62.

Fused Pokémon have access to the body’s first ability and the head’s second ability. The ability can be chosen when fusing.

You can use DNA Splicers on a fused Pokemon to unfuse it. However, you will not be able to unfuse a Pokemon that's been obtained in a trade without the upgraded DNA splicers. You also lose some levels in the process.


Silph Co. created an item that can fuse any two Pokémon together and they're selling it in every PokéMart! But Team Rocket might be planning a more sinister way to use this technology...

The game is closer to a romhack in spirit than to your typical Essentials game in a way. There is, admittedly, not a huge focus on plot. It's pretty much "Pokémon Red, but with fusions".

New areas in Kanto

Aside from just adding Pokémon Fusions, this game is also a re-imagined version of the original Pokémon games. And so, several areas have been added or expanded upon.

Crimson City and Route 23 A new city makes its appearance in the Kanto region, along with a whole new route north of Bill's cottage. The city was briefly mentionned in the Pokémon anime, but not much is known about it. You'll have to discover it for yourself once you get access to Surf!

Cinnabar volcano Cinnabar has an actual volcano that you can explore. Inside you'll find a bunch of fire and rock Pokemon such as Magmar, Rhydon, etc. This dungeon is also the new location of Moltres. 

Celadon SewersA completely new dungeon that sprawls under Celadon City with wild Grimers and such. 

Underwater: Dive will be a HM in the game so you'll be able to explore the depths of Kanto's water for the first time! They will mostly be located around Cinnabar Island and the surrounding areas. Some will provide access to otherwise unaccessible islands. You'll find a variety of Pokemon you'd normally only find by fishing such as Shellder, Krabby, Qwilfish, etc. (Not in current version)

Johto: The Johto region wasn't originally in the RBY games or their remakes, but in Infinite Fusion you'll be able to travel there for the post-game and visit the region as it was three years before the events of GSC for the first time! 

Here's a trailer for demo 2.0!


Which Pokémon are available in the game?
All of generation 1 and 2 are obtainable in the game as well as their cross-generation evolutions. There are also 35 additional Pokémon from generations 3 and 4 for a total of 315 Pokémon. All of them can be combined with any other Pokémon. 

Are you going to add any more Pokémon?

Can I play this game on mobile?
No you can’t . This game is for PC only and it will remain so until someone makes a mobile RPG Maker emulator that is compatible with Pokémon Essentials.

Can I play it on Mac?
Yes and no. The game is only compatible with Windows, but it's possible to run it on Mac by using Wine or a Windows emulator. This will affect the performance however.

I have already downloaded a previous version of this game. Do I have to redownload the whole thing?
Yes. Version 4.1 is not compatible with any of the previous versions. This will not affect your old savefile.

How do I continue playing on my save file from version 3.0?
Edit the game.ini file and change the title to “InfiniteFusion” .Alternatively, you can find your Saved file folder in C:\Users\YourName\Saved Games\ and rename the folder called “InfiniteFusion” to “Pokémon Infinite Fusion”. Also, make sure to convert your Pokémon at the beginning of the game.

Some trainers are really overleveled. Do I need to grind more?
Nope. Some opponents like Gym Leaders and other “boss” fights are supposed to be higher leveled. You can still beat them with Pokemon that are 10-15 levels lower.

Should I play randomized mode or classic mode?
If this is your first time playing the game, it is recommended to start with Classic mode. 

I can’t find the option to randomize the game. Where is it?
When you start a new game you will be asked if you want to play Classic or Randomized. But the option will only appear if you already have an existing save file.

The game has been marked as ‘Completed’. Will it still receive updates?
Yes. The updates will mostly be bugfixes, but I also plan on adding a few more post-game features like Gym Leader rematches. 

Which Pokémon are available in the game?
All of generation 1 and 2 are obtainable in the game as well as their cross-generation evolutions. There are also 35 additional Pokémon from generations 3 and 4 for a total of 315 Pokémon. All of them can be combined with any other Pokémon. 

Are you ever going to add any more Pokémon?

How do I unlock the mansion in Cinnabar Island? 
[/B]You have to go back to the scientist in the Cinnabar lab.

Is there any way to get the other starters in the game?
Yes! There's a trade for a starter in the Vermillion Pokemon Center (it will only appear if you have done one of the other Pokemon center trades). Your brother/sister in Pallet Town will give you the remaining one once you have obtained 4 badges.

Where do I find this TM? / Is this TM in the game?
You can find a list of all the TMs available and move tutors along with their locations here.

How many sidequests are in the game? Where can I find them?
There are 23 sidequests in the game as of version 3.0. You can find a list here, along with the rewards for each of them.

How can I know which Pokemon will be the body and which one will be the head when fusing two Pokemon?
Whichever Pokemon is the highest level will be the body. The other will be the head and color. Later in the game, you will get an item that allows you to select it regardless of level. You can check out the Game Mechanics section for more information.

I got stuck, how can I get unstuck?
You can use the DEBUGGER item to get teleported back to the last Pokemon center you’ve visited. However, use this item ONLY when absolutely necessary or it could lead to unusual behavior.
If you’ve updated the game from a previous version and don’t have the item, make sure to talk to the Update Man at the top of any Pokemon Center.

The sprites are ugly! Can't you just remake them by hand?
There are over 20k possible combinations in the game so it's simply unrealistic to do everything by hand.
HOWEVER, you can replace the sprites yourself. Just add your Pokemon's new sprite in the Graphics/CustomSprites folder (make sure the new image is of the right dimensions and has the right name). 

How does the game deal with trade evolutions
Pokemon that normally evolve by trading in the official games have been changed so that they now evolve at level 40. 
This is true for all Pokemon that evolve by trading in gen 1 (Kadabra, Haunter, Machoke, Graveler)
Those are the only Pokemon whose evolution method was changed. The rest is all like in the official games.

Where can I find a list of which Pokemon can be found where?
As a general rule, the encounter locations are the same as the official gen 1 games and their remakes, with altered encounter rates to account for the fact that all Pokemon are available in one version.
Here's a pastebin of the encounter data (it's not ordered, but Ctrl+F is your friend!)
It might not be 100% up to date, but it should give a good idea of the Pokemon distribution. Tell me if you notice it's really wrong and I'll update it with the most recent file.

Can I do a nuzlocke run in this game
The game is not made with nuzlocke in mind. It is harder than your typical Pokémon game. A nuzlocke of this game is possible, but it will be very difficult.

How long is the game?
There are 8 badges to collect in the main story, plus 4 additional ones in the postgame. Depending on how fast you go, it should probably take you anywhere from 15 to 30 hours to finish the main game. 

Can I get multiple save files?
Multiple save files are not officially supported. However, you can locate your save file folder in C:\Users\YourName\Saved Games\Pokémon Infinite Fusion. Rename the folder to something else and start a new game. You will then be able to go back to your old save file by renaming the folder to “Pokémon Infinite Fusion” again.

Will I be able to reuse my save file in later releases of the game?
Normally you should be able to, but I can't promise anything. As long as you make sure to be in a map that hasn't changed, there shouldn't be any problems.
Keep in mind that some older areas will have changed a lot too though, so it might be nice to start a new game as well!

Why is the download taking so long?
There are over 90 000 sprites in total (one for each possible fusion combination). It takes a long time to process that many files.

I'm starting a randomized game. Which BST range should I choose?
Choose a lower value for a more balanced experience. Choose a high value for a more random playthrough.

I can't find Flash to get through Rock Tunnel, where is it?
The scientist on the top floor of hotels will give it to you after you've completed a quest.


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