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How to Update Adventure Red or any other romhack or gbahacks

How to update Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter (or any other ROM hack):

This may look complicated, but will hardly take 30 seconds after you understand what to do.

Note 1: This will only work when the older version's saves are compatible with the new version. For example, you will NOT be able to continue in Beta 13 using Beta 11E or Beta 12 Demo saves.
Note 2: This method hasn't been tested, and probably won't work on GBA4iOS. Possibly try the Alternative method.
Note 3: Some computers will hide the file type, i.e., you won't see anything after and including the ".". So adventure-red-chapter-v1.gba will just be adventure-red-chapter-v1 for you.
Note 4: If you're playing out of a .zip file, it's the exact same thing except .gba will be .zip.
Note 5: If you're on VBA (VisualBoyAdvance), there's a slightly easier method. I've included it at the end.

In this example,
Old version: adventure-red-chapter-v1.gba
New version: adventure-red-chapter-v2.gba

1. Open the old version (adventure-red-chapter-v1.gba) and save in a Pokemon Center. Make sure to save inside the game- open the menu by pressing the Start button and click on Save. It should say something like "Saving… please don't turn off the power." Then close your emulator.

2. On your PC/phone, search for your old version's .sav file (adventure-red-chapter-v1.sav). It is usually in the same folder as the old ROM (adventure-red-chapter-v1.gba). If not there, it is probably in a common folder somewhere else.

3. Create a new folder. It doesn't matter where, or what name it has.

4. Move the new version ROM (adventure-red-chapter-v2.gba) to that folder. It's better you move, and not copy, to avoid confusion later on.

5. Copy the old version's .sav file (adventure-red-chapter-v1.sav) and paste it in that folder.

6. In that folder, rename the .sav file to match the new ROM's name EXACTLY (adventure-red-chapter-v1.sav -> adventure-red-chapter-v2.sav). Don't change the file type (the .sav part). Again, the names should match exactly, so even something very small such as adding an extra space will make this method not work. Tip: If you try to rename the new ROM (adventure-red-chapter-v2.gba), you should be able to copy the filename (don't actually rename) and then paste it while renaming the .sav file. Remember not to change the file type, though.

7. In step 2, if your .sav file was not in the same folder as the ROM, copy the renamed .sav file and paste it in that common folder where you found it.

8. That's it. Open the new ROM (adventure-red-chapter-v2.gba; it's in a new folder now) in your emulator and you should be able to continue your game.

VBA method-

The first 2 steps are the same as above.

1. Open the new version ROM (adventure-red-chapter-v2.gba) in your emulator.
2. Click on File -> Import -> Battery file, and select the old version's .sav file (adventure-red-chapter-v1.sav).
3. That's it. You should be able to continue.

Alternative method-

1. Delete the old version ROM (adventure-red-chapter-v1.gba). You can also rename it or move it out of the folder (but I wouldn't suggest doing this as it may confuse you later on).
2. Copy the new version ROM (adventure-red-chapter-v2.gba) and paste it wherever the old version ROM (adventure-red-chapter-v1.gba) was. (Ignore if they were both already in the same place.)
3. Rename the new version ROM to match the old version ROM's name EXACTLY (adventure-red-chapter-v2.gba -> adventure-red-chapter-v1.gba). This is not a typo; you really have to go backwards.
4. That's it. Open the new version ROM (which now has the same name as the old version ROM, adventure-red-chapter-v1.gba), and you should see an option to continue your game.


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