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Markiplier RPG Adventure

Hack Name:Markiplier RPG Adventure
Based On:RMXP
Version:Completed v1.0.2
System:RPG Maker XP
Initial Release:2016

New Features

  • There are only three usable characters: Mark, Tiny Box Tim and Girl.
  • There are no types, and any harmful movement is physical.
  • There are only 26 different enemy monsters.
  • You will not get EXP. Therefore there are no levels.
  • There are basically four main areas to be revealed and 3 bosses that must be defeated before the final area is liberated. It can be revealed in any order, as there are no levels.
  • You do not get money to win battles. Instead, you get an item you can sell. Or if you are lucky, you can mutiple elements or be more valuable.
  • Your team will learn how to move items like TM or Move Tutors.
  • No chance encounter. Monster NPCs work as a coach. If they see you, they will take part in the battle. These battles can be avoided by using an object.
  • Each battle has double battles.
  • No bikes, surf or any other HM.
  • Most states are listed, curing many elements. Some of these elements work like berries.
  • There are no reactivation items. If you faint, you can not heal until the battle is over. Any character that faint automatically restarts with the 1HP.
  • There’s an Arcade where you can play mini-games and look for coins to buy similar items from Brightpowder and King’s Rock.
  • Some people change their appearance.
  • There are some randomly created dungeons. You can not save these areas. The enemies come after them, but you can leave them back if you do not want to fight them. You can find a weapon (TM) so find it as much as possible.
  • You can pay NPC for skills development (PP Up).
  • You can buy skills in the form of makeup. (Intimidation, flames, static and poison points). Some enemies have unique abilities.
  • There is a writing-writing function in the form of Chef Dog. Talk to her while you are in Mark’s apartment.
  • It contains a strong language.
  • The size is 640×480

If you like this hack's features, you can view screenshots, videos, cheats, walkthrough of it and download below.

Screenshot Images

Markiplier RPG Adventure Screenshot
Markiplier RPG Adventure Screenshot
Markiplier RPG Adventure Screenshot
Markiplier RPG Adventure Screenshot
Markiplier RPG Adventure Screenshot

Markiplier RPG Adventure Download

Markiplier RPG Adventure Download


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