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Pokemon Amnesia

 Hack of: Fire Red

Story: You're 12 years old in the region of Verde. You've already beaten the Pokemon League and are well-known throughout most of the land. Life's going right, and one day you have a little friendly battle with your rival. Your rival's signature Pokemon, a Dusclops, prepares to execute a Curse move on your Pokemon. At the last second, as it unleashes the move, a small rock, a meteorite, 1/4 the size of a baseball, comes out of nowhere from the sky and streaks straight at you! The Dusclops is distracted and startled and accidentally lays the curse on you. Your Pokemon floats upwards and moves almost instinctively, in front of you and straight in the meteorite's path, loyally risking its own life for YOU, it's Trainer. Your Pokemon is lethally pierced, and before you can comprehend, you're stricken and you black out.

Something strange happens...A mysterious force was at work during the meteor's hit. Later on, you somehow wake up 5 years later without your Pokemon. After having a mysterious dream with a somewhat-familiar figure in it, you suddenly wake up from your coma in your own room. After speaking to your mother, you visit the local doctor (who coincidentally earned his M.D. in Pokemon Research while you had been knocked out), who says that to help your amnesia, you should re-travel the land in which you had once already conquered...and to help the lazy doc get work done on the Pokedex project assigned to him. What happens next? Why aren't you dead, and who or what prevented this from happening? Play and find out!


386 Pokemon
The game focuses more on events and scripts rather than the Gym & Pokedex System
New Leaders
New Region
New Scripts
Different Palettes
New Trainers


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