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Pokemon Crystal Calm GBC


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Latest version- Final

pokemon crystal calm version
Important: This is a GBC hack.




Name: Pokemon Crystal Calm Version
Hack of: Crystal
Language: English
Creator: CH666
Status: Complete but untested
Bug: Do not fight Bug catcher wade and fisher justin as it may freeze the game


This is a hack of Crystal version with greatly improved gameplay as compared to original. 


  • Completable Pokedex
  • More Difficulty
  • Redesign of Cities and Towns(except Lavender Town in order to not Disturb the Dead)
  • Regular Trainers have 3 or Less than 3 pokemon which are stronger and more evolved except Jugglers and few Pokefans
  • Starters are Cubone,Vulpix and Lapras each holding Thick Club,Fire Stone or Lucky egg respectively
  • No trade evos
  • Better distribution of Pokemon

Extra Info

Route 29-Morning- Bulbasaur,chikorita,pikachu,tyrogue. Day- Charmander,Cyndaquil,Clefairy,Chansey. Night- Squirtle,Totodile,Eevee,Ditto. Route 30-(other than few regular pokemon)Spearow(Day),Ponyta(night). Slowpoke well(2)-(other than few regular pokemon) Omanyte,Kabuto. Ilex Forest-(other than few regular pokemon) Yanma and Hoppip(Day), Larvitar and Dratini(night). Route 34-(other than few regular pokemon) Mankey(Morning), Mareep(Day), Vulpix(night). Route 37-(other than few regular pokemon) Girafrig(Morning). Electabuzz,Forretres,Exeggcute(Day). Misdrevious,Murkrow,Houndour,Skarmory(night) Ecruiteak city(waters)-(other than few regular pokemon) Remoraid. Burned Tower-(other than few regular pokemon) Magmar. Ruins of Alph(outer)-(other than few regular pokemon) Aerodactyl. Silver Cave-(other than few regular pokemon)Tyranitar. ================================== In Game Trades: Artiuno-Lapras(violet city) Zapdos-Raichu(Goldenrod city) Moltres-Arcanine(Olivine city) Mewtwo-Ditto(Blackthorn city) Mew-Mr.Mime(Pewter city) Hitmontop-Cloyster(Route 14) Celebi-Slowking(Power Plant) ================================== Kadabra,Haunter,Machoke,Graveller,Scyther,Onix evolve at level 25. Slowbro to Slowking with Sunstone. Poliwhirl to Politoed level 30. Seadra at level 40. Porygon to porygon2 at level 30. ================================== Few hints: 1.Choose Lapras as starter for easier game(Advantage on Rival and useful Held item). 2.Train a Ditto as soon as possible to trade it for Mewtwo in Blackthorn. 3.A wild Larvitar may hold a useful Item.




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