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Pokemon Crystal Kaizo GBC


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Latest version- Completed Version

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Important: This is a GBC hack.


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Name: Pokemon Crystal Kaizo
Hack of: Crystal
Language: English
Creator: SinisterHoodedFigure
Status: Complete


The story is identical to Pokemon Crystal, though with changes to the maps, movepools, and rosters to every trainer. 

Extra Info

Apart from a couple of rival fights, all major bosses have full teams of pokemon with improved movesets, all of which are shiny, and many that uses held items. As you progress, the gym trainers and gym leaders will have more wild cards that counter types that are supereffective against their specialties, uses moves that relate to their specialty types, or pokemon that share similarities (such as cute pokemon, nocturnal pokemon, bipedal pokemon, dragon-like pokemon), or a mix of everything. The Odd Egg will always give you a shiny pokemon. However, the Daycare Man will give out only one of nine random pokemon, with two tyrogues with different dvs. The Bug Catching Contest gives out a much bigger selection of Bug pokemon to catch. Trade evolutions can evolve by level up or Politoed and Slowking evolve from water stones. Also of note is that the eeveelutions get the earliest stab moves at level 20, and Espeon and Umbreon evolve by Sun Stone and Moon Stone (Though their display won't show it, it works). You can also purchase evolutions stones in the goldenrod city department store. Map Redesigns, which include altered dungeons, and some trecherous routes. Of note is the boulder in Mt. Mortar, where you can't immediately use strength by conveniently talking to the boulder, but going through your party and selecting strength manually. Around the level 60 area, it gets a bit more difficult to level up, so there are lucky eggs available past the red gyarados, as well as exp share. Near the last gym leader, you can grind on wild lv 100 magikarps with increased exp gain, to grow levels in conjunction with the lucky egg. The game starts to get very challenging when you reach the Elite Four and Champion. You will need all your wits, and utilize a variety of types, lv 100s, held items, and regular items. A good tip is to memorize berry locations and farm them as much as possible, as they will help you in battle, especially mysteryberries. Post Elite Four, you will fight very powerful gym leaders, many using at least 3 specialty types, with a couple of exceptions, with wild cards that will prevent sweeps. There are four superbosses in the post game, two of which are located in Viridian City, one at Mt. Silver, and one on Mondays and Wednesdays at the elite four. It would be wise to prepare carefully for these bosses.




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