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Pokemon The Evil Inside 1


The humanworld is under attack by a dark force, known as Evil Pokémon. 1 Man stands tall and faces the Army of Pokémon to save the human race... You are in control of that Man... Can you Kill 'em all?

Started: November 2002 --- Finished: March 2003

Gun System ABS
10 intense levels
7 Different Types of Gameplay
Awesome Bosses
Ranking System



Both these races have been in peace for quit some time. They lived in harmony with each other, making life easier for one another.

What happens when Pokémon start to realize they are doing most of the work, they do all the fighting, they alone suffer.

What is the human race to do? they have grown dependant on the Pokémon for a large time now. Can they survive without they're Pokémon on they're side. Can they survive the Strenght of the attacking Evil Pokémon.

A lone commando is send in just in time to make a stand. just in time to stop them from taking over the world...

Screen 1
Weapon Selection Menu.

Screen 2
A Boss Battle.

Screen 3
Shooting a Charizard!

Screen 4
Fighting a Zapdos.

Screen 5
Fighting a Beedrill.


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