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Pokemon Fire ash


Pokemon Fire Ash

Pokemon Fire Ash
Name: Pokemon Fire Ash
Create by: Reinhartmax
Source – credit:
Pokémon Fire Ash is a fan-made Pokémon game made in RPGMaker XP and Pokemon Essentialsv15. The game loosely follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum throughout his journey in the anime, all in the style of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions
National Dex with over 700 Pokémon up to generation 6.
Travel through Alola, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and the Orange Islands.
Over 50 gym battles.
Battle Ash’s travelling companions and rivals.
Abilities up to generation 5 and moves up to generation 6.
Mega Evolution and Ash-Greninja.
Over 100 TMs.
Pikachu follows behind you.
A large majority of the items up to generation 6.
Graphics from generation 3.
No HMs. Fly is replaced with a warping system located at Pokémon Centers.
Includes the Battle Frontier adventure.
Version 2.5 (7-6-2018)
Added episodes up to SM081.
Added Orange Island leaders and Battle Frontier to Battle House.
Samson Oak has his own sprite.
Added fishing spots to Alola Route 14 and Tapu Village.
Added ability to revive Jaw and Sail Fossil.
Fixed some pokemon sprites.
Leafeon, Glaceon, and Crabominable have correct evolution locations.
Each region has its own music for towns and routes.
Updated all movesets and TMs to Gen 7.
Added 3 more Master Balls, making it one per region.
Brawly’s level in the Battle House is at 55-60 instead of 10-20.
Version 2.4 (6-1-2018)
Updated game to episode SM077.
Added a basic map that can be viewed in the download folder.
Added the locations of TMs, Plates, and Mega Stones to the locations list.
Updated movesets of Kanto Pokemon to Gen 7.
You now have to beat Misty before Lt. Surge.
Updated Sun and Moon’s teams.
Updated catch rate to Gen 7 numbers.
Added Pixie Plate and added one of each plate somewhere in Sinnoh.
Electric types cannot be paralyzed.
Shadow Tag and Mean Look no longer works on Ghost types.
Changed Chatter to it’s Gen 6 effect.
Added Grass to Unova Route 8.
Both of Shellos and Gastrodon’s forms now show up.
Thick Club works for Alolan Cubone and Marowak and Light Ball works for Alolan Pikachu.
Increased levels of Johto region.
Version 2.3 (4-26-2018)
Updated game to episode SM072.
Eevee also evolves into Glaceon in Twist Mountain 4F and Frost Cavern 3F.
Eevee also evolves into Leafeon in Petalburg Woods, Pinwheel Forest, and Lush Jungle.
Celebi will not disappear after doing the double battle next to it.
Required to beat Wattson now before challenging Flannery.
Fixed it so PC Boxes in Daycare on Route 5 and Battle Hall in Heathome City work.
Fixed it so Luana talks about Magnet Bomb instead of Reflect.
Removed Kanto Dex.
Can no longer attempt to fish on Trovita Island.
Cubones caught at Alola Route 2 now evolve into Alolan Marowak.
Mangeton, Nosepass, and Charjabug now evolve in Chargestone Cave.
Version 2.2 (3-22-2018)
Updated game to episode SM067.
Added Beast Balls.
Fixed it so you can not battle Brock and Misty’s Alola battle early.
Fixed it so Alolan Sandshrew now evolve by Ice Stone instead of Fire Stone.
Fixed Viridian Gym sprites that appear after you beat the game.
Added Rotom switch to readd Rotom after dying if in an Alola location.
Removed Lapras teleport to Route 1 as it caused the game to crash.
Version 2.1 (2-22-2018)
Updated game to episode SM063.
Fixed error with Misty’s Corsola and Dawn and Gold’s Togekiss.
Removed Hustle ability as it was causing errors.
Fixed error that caused Brock’s final fight to appear in his fight at Vermillion City.
Added a teleport system in-between Route 1 and Hau’oli City.
Refixed the problem that prevented Eevee from evolving into Sylveon.
Fixed it so Team Rocket can be battled again in Viridian Gym and separated their teams for the optional battle.
Fixed it so Shaymin and Heatran show up after beating Sinnoh instead of Unova.
Added Scyther to Tracey’s Pokemon in Oak’s lab.
Version 2.0 (2-9-2018)
Added the Alola region up to episode SM061.
Changed stats to reflect Gen 7 updates.
Added Sun and Moon to Pokedex battles and updated White’s team.
Due to glitches Reflect and Light Screen are replaced with Magnet Bomb and Lunge as TMs. Electric, Grassy, and Misty Terrain are replaced with Shock Wave, Petal Dance, and Moonblast.
Added a fossil store.
Added battle sprite to match Ash’s appearance.
Changed abilities to match those confirmed in anime.
Fixed battle with Giovanni so Forces of Nature are in Therian Forme.
Removed ability to walk through wall in Goldenrod Tunnel.
Added Ice Stone to Stone Shop.
Added rival music for gen 5 and 7.
Made getting Earth Badge a requirement.
Version 1.10 (2-12-2018)
Updated White’s team.
Changed stats to reflect Gen 7 updates.
Due to glitches Reflect and Light Screen are replaced with Magnet Bomb and Lunge as TMs. Electric, Grassy, and Misty Terrain are replaced with Shock Wave, Petal Dance, and Moonblast.
Added battle sprite to match Ash’s appearance.
Changed abilities to match those confirmed in anime.
Fixed battle with Giovanni so Forces of Nature are in Therian Forme.
Removed ability to walk through wall in Goldenrod Tunnel.
Added rival music for gen 5.
Made getting Earth Badge a requirement.
Version 1.9 (1-3-2018)
Added Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion.
Fixed problem with the Whirl Cup.
Evolution items can be bought endlessly at Slateport City.
Added ability to evolve Eevee into Slyveon when it knows Charm leveling up.
Removed ability to walk on top of some caves.
Fixed berry crashing the game on Route 212.
Version 1.8: (11-30-2017)
Fixed error in all Marts preventing player from buying items.
Removed specific moves and ball from Misty’s Corsola and Dawn’s Togekiss due to errors.
Fixed final battle with Trip to make it playable.
Fixed some of the Pokedex Holder errors.
Removed extra Valerie sprite at end of the game.
Made Dark Pulse a TM instead of a Move Tutor.
Paul, Sawyer, and Team Flare Grunt have new battle sprites.
Removed ability to get TM115 twice.
Increased experience gained from battle with Unova legendaries.
Version 1.7: (11-09-2017)
Added PC option to computer at home.
Changed puzzle in Izabe Cave.
Removed tree in Cerulean after beating Gym 3.
Trip now has unique over world color palette.
Removed ability to walk through Seven Stars Restaurant’s walls.
Fixed spacing issue inside the house in Celestic Town.
Fixed teleporting problem that prevents teleporting to Santalune from Lumiose.
Fixed some images, spelling errors, and changed a little dialogue.
Added music to Pokemon Tower and Mistralton Tower.
Removed ability to get Shadow Claw twice and added Shadow Punch as a TM.
Moved location of experience share so it is still obtainable after the first league is over and added an Exp Share to Unova.
Fixed black space in Ever Grande.
Made battling Misty in Mirage Kingdom a requirement.
Version 1.6: (10-20-2017)
Lowered hatch rate for Phanpy, Scraggy, and Noibat.
Fixed glitch with Paul at Snowpoint City.
Changed some movesets around for Trainers.
Added Misty, Brock, Tracey, and Clemont’s Pokemon to their final locations.
Removed black space in Route 29 and 37, and added Exit option to Ascrobia Island’s Lapras travel.
Version 1.5: (10-12-2017)
Added rivals that can be rebattled after game is finished.
Added Fire and Thunder Punch Move Tutor.
Fixed image for Orange Island leaders.
Added teleport system between regions in Professor’s labs.
Fixed Vermilion transport system.
Changed music for Cinnabar Island.
Meeting Tracey is now a requirement.
Spelling errors.
Fixed Route 210 glitch.
Version 1.4: (10-2-2017)
Added battle music for May and overworld music for Izabe Forest.
Fixed evolution for Glaceon, Probopass, and Magnezone.
Fixed Byron so he gives Armor Fossil instead of Skull Fossil.
Fixed SS Anne and Mauville Gym glitch.
Fixed it so Mr Mime at Pallet Town won’t turn into Groudon.
Added encounters to the Dreamyard.
Added Electabuzz, Jolteon, Snubbull, Shroomish, Meditite, Baltoy, Luvdisc, Drifloon, Glameow, Bronzor, Lillipup, Munna, and Musharna to wild encounters.
All event characters have set genders and abilities now.
Fixed Roxanne’s Nosepass to reflect current moves.
Changed victory music.
Added Lorelei, Drake, and Bertha to the story.
Version 1.3: (9-24-2017)
Fixed glitch in SS Anne, Charicific Valley, and Route 113.
Moved a house in Pewter City due to map running out of space.
Updated Brock, Misty, and White’s Pokemon to current appearance.
Fixed some images.
Added extra music. Gym leaders, rivals, and team rocket getting different music.
Version 1.2: (9-15-2017)
Moved Brock’s final spot to Pewter Gym.
Fixed error stopping you from leaving Pewter City.
Changed some wild encounter rates.
Changed battle music for trainers and wild encounters.
Updated Cilan’s Pansage to current moveset.
Fixed some images.
Added all legendaries up to Zygarde.
Spelling errors.
Version 1.1: (9-7-2017)
Removed the interaction from Pikachu as it was causing bugs.
Added Safari Zone for Unova and Kalos and added/moved some items in them.
Changed minor details with Snowbelle City’s plot.
Removed ability to get TM117 twice.
Removed option to get Amphorosite twice and fixed error allowing player to get Glalitite.
Minor spelling fixes.
Added music to Reflection Cave.
Removed black spots from Cyllage Gym and Anistar Sundial.
Fixed Misty at Silver Conference to allow you to pass.
Added some random Mega Evolution trainers to Kalos routes.
Added Spheal and Larvesta to wild encounters.
Changed Pokemon in Lumiose Conference, increased levels of some as well.
Added Battle House to battle all gym leaders again.
Added warp to Kalos Route 5 to take you back to Lumiose Gate.
Moved fonts to a different folder to prevent load up issue.
Version 1: (8-31-2017)
Added game spanning from Kanto through Kalos.
Pokemon Fire AshDownload Pokémon Fire Ash:
Version 2.12

Download list for all Pokemon locations:
By Pokemon:
By Route:
Download a walk-through for the game (up to 2.12): Made by Marek14

Version 2.11
Version 2.10
Version 2.9 
Version 2.8 
Version 2.7 
Version 2.6 
Version 2.5
Version 2.4
Version 2.3
Version 2.2
Version 2.1
Version 2.0 (Unfinished but beatable up to Alola)

Version 1.10 (Finished Kanto-Kalos game)
Version 1.9
Version 1.8
Version 1.7
Version 1.6
Version 1.5
Version 1.4
Version 1.3
Version 1.2
Version 1.1
Version 1.0


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