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Pokemon Gray Topaz


Pokémon Gray Topaz

Rated T for swearing, violence, and mentions of death.

Alternate Link
Alternate Link #2
(Warning: Large file. Not recommended on older computers.)


RPG Maker XP
Pokémon Essentials v15
Ultimate BW Pack
This is the first time I've ever made a game. I've been working on it by myself since March 2014. I just wanted to make a Dark gym. OTL
Plot:Your mom left the family to go be part of the Elite Four, and it caused you to seclude yourself in your room for some time. Your dad gets tired of you bumming around, so he kicks you out to force you to go on an adventure. That's it. That's the story. Also something about an evil organization, but you already knew that.

If that's not enough to convince you, here's a quote from one of the testers:

Originally Posted by rhand18 View Post
Hey everyone, I'm the previously mentioned first tester. A few things I feel need to be addressed. For one, let me assure you the story is great. If you've been looking for a darker, grittier, more intense Pokémon experience then you've found your game here. It's still a Pokémon game though so don't expect anything too dark and there are still PLENTY of lighthearted humorous moments thrown in. Can't say very much about it without giving too much away, you'll just have to trust me and play it for yourself, it's worth it.

Second point, this game ain't easy. You will need a full, at least decently well prepared team by the time you reach the second gym and onward. Some of the main story battles late in the game will see you against true competitive style teams that will use competition style tactics.

Third, this is a full length game with an approximately 20 hour main story (well that's how long the first test run took anyway), a full complement of story driven side quests, post game content to be added at a later date, And tons of hidden items and easter eggs for you to find. Talk to as many people in towns as you can and make sure you search every area completely because most of them actually have very worthwhile content and/or items. So have fun and enjoy. The entire game was made by one person and so far I've been the only tester. So don't be surprised if everything isn't perfect and feedback is most certainly welcomed as long as it's constructive. So stop reading this and start playing lol, I think most of you will really enjoy it .
 Three genders for you to pick out! Male, Female, or whatever you want!
 Two different rivals for you to beat up! Their genders are the ones you didn't pick!
 Fifteen starters to choose from! All of the ones from Red/Blue to Black/White.
• If you do the math for the above, that means there's thirty variations for one rival battle. Wow!
• All 649 Pokémon up to Black/White are available to catch!
• Original characters! Who knows what the next gym leader will look/act like!
• An evil organization whose goal isn't to take over the world! (They're just poké-racists.)

• A high difficulty against important trainers! Can't sweep with your starter in this one, kids.• Fancy graphics! (Or as nice as I could get them to be, aha)
• Side quests! Gotta earn those Legendaries somehow!
• Post-game content!
100% complete! Go wild!

Let me know if you encounter any serious bugs/issues and I'll certainly work on those. The game crashing after very long periods of playing is normal, unfortunately. It's the cost of using an outdated version of RPG maker, so you'll have to save often. Sorry for the inconvienience, but I hope you'll be able to enjoy it regardless!

Newest updates:

2/27/16: Final Update
• If you didn't read the walkthrough and lost to your rivals before talking to your dad, you just get the shoes automatically now. This is only meant to dummy-proof the process since it originally made them inaccessible, but you should really talk to your dad beforehand like you're supposed to.
• Fixed the Ditto problem. Now it won't skip the event if your party is full.
• Some moves should work properly now. Apparently there were several typos in v15.

This is just a long overdue fix. I no longer have the time nor interest to work on every tiny thing in this game, especially since the important stuff is complete and functional. The links to the July 2015 version still work if I accidentally broke something and it needs to be changed back. You can also find the original version from way back in November 2014 through my filefactory and MEGA accounts.

I appreciate all of the love and support! Thank you so much for sticking with me until the end!

Quick Patch (Without Graphic/Audio files) - Updated as of 2/27/16 (Alternate link) (Alternate Link #2)
Hard Edition (Without Graphic/Audio files) - Pre-nerfed battles to compare/contrast - Due to people complaining about the game being hard as it is, I don't see the point wasting time compressing the beta anymore, but I will keep the info in the walkthrough.
Note: You need to have already downloaded the original before you can use the above links. Just overwrite the old files with the new ones.
(Going into your computer's saved games file and renaming the file from 'Gray Topaz' to 'Gray Topaz v2' might help, but worst case scenario you'll have to start from scratch.)


They know what's up.

Hey, look! They're not in Pokéballs!

First gym town. Can you guess what type?
An attempt to make the battle screen a little nicer looking.

Credits:Exterior Graphics
Interior Graphics came from an RPG Maker tileset that included graphics from Kyle-Dove and Newtiteuf. However, I can't find it again. If anyone finds it let me know so I can credit this properly. So sorry. OTL
Overworld Sprites
Other Graphics were taken from The Spriter's Resource.
Enterbrain for RPG Maker
Maruno and co. for Pokémon Essentials


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