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Pokemon Insurgence


Pokemon Insurgence

Another excellent fan-made ROM hack is coming to your way. Pokemon Insurgence is a fantastic, Pokemon game version packed with hundreds of new features which are not present in Gen III Pokemon game series and other ROM hacks. Insurgence features new regionsnew speciesstunning new Mega Evolutions and online trading capabilities.

The developers and artists of Insurgence are apparently working very hard to create this game and improve the game as time goes on. The community has tons of resources and guides as well as other players questions and answers.
Pokemon Insurgence is considered a complete game while you can expect for future updates and improvementswhich is very excellent for us players. Download Pokemon Insurgence now and play a different kind of Pokemon gaming right on your computer.
Game Information:
ROM Hack Name: Pokemon Insurgence
OS Requirements: Mac and Windows
TheSuzerain (Lead Developer)
Deukhoofd (Online Developer)
EchoTheThird (Lead Artist)
LunarDusk (Artist)
ZeroBreaker (Artist)
MrSinger186 (Musician)
1ofthe4rocketbros (Wiki Admin)
  • Excellent graphic designs
  • Unique music and sound effects
  • New challenges
  • A new region and story
  • Delta Species
  • New Mega Evolutions
  • Online Features (Trading, connecting with friends and more)

Pokemon Insurgence Download


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