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Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition GB


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Important: This is a GB hack.

Intense Indigo Edition

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Indigo Lite Edition

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Name: Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition
Hack of: Blue
Language: English
Creator: SinisterHoodedFigure
Status: Complete
Note: Indigo Lite Edition is an easier alternative, though it is still more difficult than the original Pokemon Blue.


The setting is the Aizome Region! A new pokemon league world tournament has come to be hosted in the region of Aizome. But the Aizome region is not exactly your friendly pokemon region, as nearly every trainer wants to become famous as the champion of the Pokemon League World Tournament, and will do whatever it takes to become the very next champion.
Your rival will inherit a very powerful and extremely rare pokemon from Professor Oak, and will prove to be a formidable adversary, while on the quest of becoming the champion of the Pokemon League World Tournament. To fulfill the requirements of entering the Pokemon League World Tournament, you will have to defeat eight gyms, all of them are very challenging.
What is worse, is that the sinister Team Rocket has returned, posing as a much greater threat to the world than it has ever been, with an iron grip of the Aizome nation, capitalizing on the presence of the World Tournament and exploiting its challengers, and merging with a very powerful and corrupt pokemon corporation known as the Trade, all to further their wicked goals of conquering the world. And they won’t be easy to stop.
Do you have what it takes to be the very best? 

Extra Info

Pokemon Intense Indigo Edition is a hack of Pokemon Blue, with a new storyline, dialogue, region, improved front sprites, a nice item selection and access to huge amounts of money, as well all 151 pokemon available for capture throughout the whole game, with several pokemon available extremely early, and many pokemon will learn the best moves extremely early, and many pokemon evolve very early as well, with stones available inside the first cave. Leveling up by yourself is a minimal effort, as the enemies yield high exp, and eventually, you'll get a near unlimited amount of rare candies. The game has ascending difficulty as opposed to regressing difficulty, as the enemies have better rosters and better movepools, with some changes to the sub AIs. Of course, if the Intense Indigo Edition is too hard, the Indigo Lite Edition is an easier option, though it is still more difficult than the original Pokemon Blue. If you are familiar with the Pokemon Stadium series, then you’ll know that these series were the true inspiration for the gameplay of these 2 hacks. Anyhow, here is the result of my ambitious hobby. You start off normally, so that you can catch several pokemon early on, and the levels are normal. You'll be able to get nuggets that will sell for tons of money, which will net you large quantities of very useful items. As you get to a certain point, you will have to buy exceptionally cheap rare candies to level up to match the highest level. So you don't have to spend an eternity level grinding, which is a common problem about pokemon games, and the enemies are simple enough to handle at the earlier stage. You'll also be able to purchase revives earlier than expected, as well as a high amount of repels. Later, you'll be able to purchase equally super cheap vitamins such as calciums and carbos, to be able to match the more powerful bosses and enemies. All of this is to ensure a fun yet challenging experience. At the end of the game, the endgame boss's maximum level is 127, which is manageable by the time you get seven badges and used vitamins. Pokemon Indigo Lite is significantly easier; the enemies don't surpass level 100 until the fourth gym, and the maximum level is 115. Also, most gamebreaking pokemon are found either endgame or postgame, so there is some player balance.


SinisterHoodedFigure, Miksy91, IIMarkus, Danny-E 33, Stag019


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