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Pokemon The Keepers Of Orders



Welcome to Pokémon: The Keepers of Order, a free Pokémon fangame made in RPG Maker XP using Pokémon Essentials. Featuring 151 brand-new Pokémon, the game is set in the expansive region of Bio Daetera, where a young Pokémon trainer traverses the land and uncovers its deepest secrets. The game runs about 6 hours long (not counting the postgame), and is currently only available in English. The game runs on Windows, with a Mac version in the works currently. If you have any questions, or would like to report any bugs, please send an email to


Many years ago, according to legend, a great storm caused by a creature of unparalleled power put life on Bio Daetera at risk. A young man named Titus, however, saved the land by teaming up with Jettic and Lunera, known as the Keepers of Order. These two Pokemon are supposedly the only means to both summon and resist the legendary Chiaros, itself a synthesis of Jettic and Lunera's dark and light energies. After his grand triumph, Titus was coronated as king, while the Keepers of Order were stowed away in Yin Yang Forest.

Recently, Jettic and Lunera have gone missing from the forest, sending everyone into a frenzy of fear and division. Two distinct groups, GenComm Cobalt, led by King Titus, and GenComm Argon, led by Prince Nathan, are pitted directly against each other. As tensions escalate, Prince Nathan and Argon contemplate the controversial option of summoning Chiaros. Though King Titus tries to temper his son's dangerous vision, it seems as if Nathan will either accomplish his dream or die trying.

An aspiring Pokémon trainer from Nisi Island, you find yourself caught between both sides, empathizing with Nathan at one moment, and trying to defeat him the next. The journey to find the Keepers of Order soon becomes a story about dreams, a battle between stasis and change, and a quest for perfection — if it even exists.


Discover 151 entirely new Pokémon endemic to Bio Daetera, a region with modernized cities, rustic towns, flowery plains, and arduous mountains alike.

A short game length (approximately 6 hours, excluding the postgame) enables for a quick playthrough, possibly all in a single sitting.

Higher experience rates mean less time spent level grinding.

A number of postgame sidequests allow for continued adventure even after completing the game.


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Download File (v1.0)
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Pokémon: The Keepers of Order

Project Developer, Game Director, Art Director, Writer: Alex N

RPG Maker XP: Enterbrain

Pokémon Essentials: Flameguru, Poccil, Maruno, and all other contributors

Elite Battle System: Luka S.J.

Tiles & Misc Graphics: KyleDove, Phyromatical, WesleyFG, Magiscarf, Shiney570, ChaoticCherryCake, Alucus, Flurmimons, Gallanty, Ditto209, Akizakura16, PhoenixofLight92

Video Tutorials: Thundaga, Atomic Reactor, Dylanrockin, II Colour Spectrum

The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, and Game Freak


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