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Pokemon Light Platinum DS Full


Pokemon Light Platinum DS

Pokemon Light Platinum DS is one the most successful Pokemon DS ROM hack. The original Pokemon Light platinum for GBA was released on 2011, and due to the game’s growing popularity, the developer made a remake of Pokemon Light Platinum using Pokemon HeartGold as a ROM base and making it available for Nintendo DS.

Pokemon Light Platinum DS has 107 Pokemon from six different generations. In the game, you can encounter fairy type Pokemon and also there is an increased chance of meeting shiny Pokemon on wild. There are plenty of noticeable improvements in the game compared to its original rom base version.
While hasn’t updated for several years, yet still, the game captures the heart of many gamers.
Modifying Pokemon DS games is not easy at all, it takes a lot of time to create a game as compared to GBA ROM hacking. But the tremendous number of positive reviews for the Pokemon Light Platinum DS inspires many rom hackers to explore more the platform.
Download Pokemon Light Platinum Ds now and play it with your favorite Nintendo DS emulator.

Game Information

Pokemon Light Platinum DS ROM hackPokemon Light Platinum DS
 Updated: November 22, 2015
 Developer: Mikelan98
 Game base: Pokemon HeartGold


  • The two regions will be bigger
  • Larger routes and more decoration
  • Drastic reshuffle in many other areas
  • Pokémon up to Generation VI
  • 107 more Pokémon than GBA version
  • Pokémon will follow you wherever you go
  • Story has a different beginning from the original
  • New puzzles in the plot
  • A lot of legendary Pokémon (from all generations)

Pokemon Light Platinum DS Download


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