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Pokemon Lightbolt Version


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Latest version- Beta 2.1

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Name: Pokemon Lightbolt Version
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: 5qwerty
Status: The current version includes everything up to the 5th Gym


Cahionu is a region with a few islands and many populated cities. It has its own Pokémon League and even has Pokémon Gyms scattered around the region, though the people inhabiting the region are a bit different than in the other regions that are known to man. Pokémon Trainers start their journey by contacting the Pokémon League, after which a representative will come to their town and give them a starter Pokémon, along with a Pokédex and Poké Balls.
You are a child living in a small town on the southern part of the region. During the night before the day where the Pokémon League representative is going to come to your town, you are visited by a mysterious girl in your dream. Her words are hard to hear, but something is clear: You were chosen by her. According to the girl, her friend is in danger, and if not rescued, the entire region of Cahionu will be in danger. She has chosen you, to inspire you to challenge Pokémon Gyms, become stronger, and stop the upcoming danger that threatens Cahionu.
After this dream, you embark on your journey to defeat the Gym Leaders of the Cahionu Pokémon League, in hopes of encountering the friend the girl in your dream mentioned. Who is this girl and her friend? What kind of evil is endangering Cahionu? Find out on your journey! 


  • Explore the new region, Cahionu
  • Gyms not type dependent
  • FR/LG tiles
  • Only 3rd Gen mechanics
  • No new moves
  • Updated movesets and stats
  • Harder battles






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