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Pokemon: MewYou!


MewYou is a game where you get to play as Mew! Most of the story involves trying to avoid being captured by humans, but for the most part you get to pick your battles! Being a jam game, it's pretty short and simple so I'll leave it there.


  • Play and battle as Mew
  • All wild encounters are visible instead of random chance
  • Pokemon will rematch multiple times, getting stronger and even evolving
  • With timing and a healthy dose of luck, you can avoid almost every battle
  • Opponents level up immediately after battle, and can also evolve (Usually stops at about level 50, but you can keep rematching them anyway)
  • Buizel is your first partner, but your second is determined by what items you find during your journey!

Q:What should I name Mew?
A:There are a couple special names that you can try entering. These are case sensitive.

  • Mew =Changes your name to your computer's username. This is just a goof I put in to catch the occassional smartass
  • Blue =Makes Mew shiny
  • Mewtwo =Gives Mew a moveset and ability that would suit a Mewtwo instead of the default
  • Kied =Gives Mew a very special/nonsensical moveset instead of the default

Q:How do I get a certain partner?
A:When Celebi asks you to offer an item, the list is different depending on what you have. If you have any stones, the "Normal Tier" list will be shown. If you have none of the items from the Normal Tier, Celebi checks for rare items next and you can choose a partner from the "Gold Tier".
Normal Tier (From rocks)
  • Relic Crown = Volcarona
  • Heat rock = Magcargo
  • Damp Rock = Swampert
  • Smooth Rock = Flygon
  • Icy Rock = Cryogonal
  • Helix Fossil = Omanyte
  • Root Fossil = Lileep
  • Claw Fossil = Anorith
  • Plume Fossil = Archen
  • Dome Fossil = Kabuto
  • Moonstone = Lunatone
  • Sunstone = Solrock
Gold Tier
If you're holding none of the items from either of those lists, there's a Special Tier Partner that you'll get automatically.

After the first life wave, you can approach the tree and get another partner. This time the options have been extended a little, but it still has the same priorities. Later, when talking to Celebi to get another partner, she uses the extended list.

  • Relic Gold = Meowth
  • Castelia cone = Vanillish
  • Pokedoll = Clefairy
  • Cheri Berry = Cherubi
  • Moomoo milk = Miltank
  • Electric Gem = Ampharos
  • Dark Gem = Absol
  • Psychic Gem = Espeon
  • Normal Gem = PorygonThis game was mostly developed by me, but there's a lot of people who helped to make this game possible.
    Game Assets
    RPG Maker XP
    Pokemon Essentials Kit by Poccil, Flameguru, and Maruno.
  • Pokemon Essentials BW3 kit from KleinStudio
  • Zeo254.DeviantArt
  • Radical Raptr
  • #===============================================================================
    And thanks to
    Nintendo, you know what you did! Thanks for Pokemon!
    And thanks to you for playing!


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