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Pokemon Mirage of Tales: The Ages of Faith


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Latest version- Prologue

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Kala's Prologue Download

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Name: Pokemon Mirage of Tales The Ages of Faith
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Avara
Status: All prologues released


Omens are all around, and war is inevitable as tensions fuelled by extremism rise in the East.
An unfortunate chain of events kickstarts the Crusades of Faith, and you can play through the stories of each of the following characters - how they came to be involved, and be in their shoes, as you make decisions about how to keep you and your people safe, while overcoming the obstacles in your way.
You'll be thrown into an epic conflict, a political dispute, a holy war. Whoever's history you choose to experience, you have no choice but to fight for your people, whether it be for liberation or triumph. 


  • Takes place in a medieval Middle Eastern setting
  • Carry a party of 12 instead of 6!
  • The Finance Chamber
  • Good, Neutral, or Evil alignment system
  • In-game choices
  • No Pokedex, Pokeballs or PC
  • Pokemon Centers replaced with holy temples
  • Up-to-date battle engine


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