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Pokemon Radiant Version

Pokémon Radiant Version!

Basically v3.0, but Inventory works!

Link to v3.1:

Pokémon Radiant Version is an epic fangame set in Liberti, a region based on South Africa!

Here is the website:

Here is the latest version:

Players can own their own houses!
A slightly more random experience, so every save file is different!
Probably the only fangame with an English option for both UK and US
Three new types, and some Pokemon have natural immunities to types!
Players can get 'perks' from obtaining Pokémon in Pokedex!
New forms for some Pokémon such as Beedrill, Primeape and Druddigon!
Contains all 807 Pokémon from Generation 1 to 7!
Player can embark on over 225 quests and get rewards!
More ways to train EVs, and a club for Level 100s!
Almost complete freedom to explore!
Most of the core features from the main Pokémon games!
Hundreds of hours of gameplay time!
Almost Full Mouse Functionality
And many more!

Developer: Swdfm

Most Music composed by Swdfm
Recorded using YAMAHA PSR-E423
Mixed using Audacity and Cubase Artist 6.5
Engineered and Produced by Bosh and Lai-Chease

Pokémon Cries:
aurumdeluxe, th3shark and Phasma

Other Sound Effects by Elite Battle System

Graphics done with

Pokémon Battle Sprites used with help from Gen VI Resource Pack,, Pokémon Showdown and Sun & Moon Pack
Other Graphics Credits go to BlackOutG5, Bulbapedia, leparagon, M3rein, Rune, Serebii, SpartaLazor, TapuFini and Zeak6464

Pokemon Overworld Sprites by Clara, cSc-A7X, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Nintendo, Pokegirl4ever, princess-phoenix and SyleDude

Tiles by akizakura16, chaoticcherrycake, chimcharsfireworkd, lightbulb15, peekychew, phyromatic, sl249, thatssowitty, thepokemonchronicles, thunderdove and ultimospriter

Storage Box Backgrounds by :devspinoza1996:, CompassLogicStock, Delta406, EpicRed, hougaard, JJcanvas, MegtheMagnificent, Moohoodles, myINQI, pavel89l, somadjinn and xvortexbladex

Fonts Used are Agency FB, Courier New, Forte, Maiandra GD, Pristina and Tw Cen MT

Pokémon Information given by BlackOutG5, Drakath569, Florio, James Davy, karstictrainer, Komplexify, leparagon, Marin, mej71, MrDeepDarkMind, Pokegod7020, Radical Raptr, Rigbycwts, Rot8r_ConeX, RPD490, Rune, snooper117, SpartaLazor, SunakazeKun, Takyon!, TapuFini, Tustin2121, Viperk1, WorldSlayer and Zeak6464

Tutorials and/or Advice by Amethyst, Black Eternity, Carmaniac, DaviRX, Donutwolf, FL., GReusch, Guilly Alpha, KleinStudio, Komplexify, Marcello, Sunakazekun, Tustin2121 and Vendily

Resources by, and Oxford Dictionary

Inspiration by Dragon Quest Series, RuneScape and The Elder Scrolls

Secondary Help by Amethyst, Inuki, Ice Cream Sand Witch, Jan, Sardines and Zumi

And anyone/anything else who I've missed

Special Thanks to Nelson Mandela, Bulbapedia, DeviantArt,, Microsoft Excel 2016, Serebii, reliccastle and Weebly

More Special Thanks to Maruno, Poccil, AvatarMonkeyKirby, Boushy, Brother1440, FL., Genzai Kawakami, Harshboy, help-14, IceGod64, Jacob O. Wobbrock, KitsuneKouta, Lisa Anthony, MiDas Mike, Near Fantastica, PinkMan, Popper, Rataime, SoundSpawn, the__end, Venom12, Wachunga and xLeD

"RPG Maker XP" by Enterbrain

"Pokémon" is Owned by: The Pokémon Company and Nintendo and affiliated with Game Freak.

This is a non-profit fan-made game. No copyright infringements intended. Please support the official games!


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