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Pokemon Sunset Orange


Download Patched Pokemon Sunset Orange Rom

Version: Alpha 1.0

pokemon sunset orange


(Alpha 1.0)

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NamePokemon Sunset Orange
Hack of: FireRed
Status: Alpha 1.0 goes till Route 50


You play as Ash Ketchum, a young boy from Pallet Town in the Kanto Region. After returning home from the Indigo League, you find out that the Region's Pokemon Professor, Professor Oak, wants your assistance to get a mysterious Poke Ball from the tropical Orange Archipelago Region. You embark on a journey to the Orange Islands with your friends, Misty and Brock, to help the Professor. Ironically, you win a lottery and get a blimp ticket to the Orange Archipelago. You find out that the blimp is supposedly haunted, but decide to board the blimp anyway. In a strange turn of events, you find out that the crew on the blimp is none other than Team Rocket. Well the blimp was haunted, alright. Things only get worse when the blimp gets stuck in a thunderstorm and forces you to make a crash landing as a last resort. Your adventure begins now!


  • Play through the events of season 2 (Orange Archipelago)
  • Gen 1-4 Pokemon
  • New items
  • New tiles
  • New music
  • Pokemon 2000 movie event


pokemon sunset orange screenshot 1 pokemon sunset orange screenshot 2 pokemon sunset orange screenshot 3 pokemon sunset orange screenshot 4 pokemon sunset orange screenshot 5 pokemon sunset orange screenshot 6


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