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Pokemon Sweet Version


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Name: Pokemon Sweet Version
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Ephraim225
Sequel: Pokemon Sweet 2th
Status: Completed (?)


Welcome to Pokemon Sweet Version, where battles are carried out with the power of dessert! Travel through a confectionate wonderland that resembles Kanto but is quite different, as those who explore will soon discover! Capture 151 candified Pokemon and fill up the pages of your Cookbook! We've spared no expense in making the experience unique, which is why there is a brand-new type chart consisting of twelve flavors of ice cream. (Apple is totally a flavor of ice cream.) And if you're sick of Kanto, you'll be pleased to know this is totally not Kanto, no matter how much it seems to be. As the world is designed to reward exploration, there's something waiting in every map that may not have been there before, whether it's a cleverly hidden item or a dreadfully bad pun. (We have plenty of those.) The PokeSweets themselves are as delicious as they look, and they look good enough to eat! 


  • 12 new types
  • 151 PokeSweets to capture or craft from berries
  • Kanto has been dessertified
  • Two rivals...okay, three, but the third guy's lame
  • Two factions looking to steal your sweetrolls
  • New music
  • Re-match gym leaders

Type Chart

pokemon sweet type chart


Ephraim225, Channini 


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