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Pokemon Ultra Violet


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Version: v1.22

pokemon ultra violet



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NamePokemon Ultra Violet
Hack of: FireRed


"I never was a big fan of games you could not get everything by yourself. I am a 100%er so I always want to get EVERYTHING. Pokemon games by design make you either trade or buy and play more than one game to get everything. I did not like this...

So I mixed Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, that gave me ALL the pokemon from the first 2 generations (I only needed to add a few Generation 2 Pokemon that were not in either of the games)

Well that was not good enough becauseyou still could not complete the Pokedex...

So I made a new Island... To get to the island you must talk to the girl in the southern most house in Virmillion city. This new island, 4-Points Isle, houses ALL gen 3 pokemon... there are several new events and areas to explore.

There are other changes... you may find them. They are to help you through the game, getting all the Pokemon can be hard, even impossible if you dont have the right items... for example, how can you evolve your Sunkurn if you dont have any Sun Stones." -LocksmithArmy


  • Completable PokeDex
  • Catch your own starter


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LocksmithArmy, TheZunar123, karatekid552, FBI, Lizzzz 


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