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Pokemon Zeta/Omicron


Pokemon Zeta/Omicron

You can download the game fresh from the "cores" section, or a patch to update your older copy of the game.
If you want to patch, here's what you have to do, download the patch for your version in this thread. Inside the zip there are instructions on how to patch your game.
That's how you get!

Please read the instructions on how to transfer your files in the "readme" document that is in each patch.

Black and White Battle GUI Pack.
This changes the battle scene to look a little more like Black and White. Credits to /u/BionicleManF.

3D Pokemon Sprite Pack
Your computer may not be able to run this. If you choose to install it, and your game starts lagging and even going as far as crashing mid battle ("script is taking too long") don't blame us! Credit to /u/Sicns.
If you install this, or any other animated sprite pack, you run the risk of getting map blackouts (you still run the risk if you don't, but that's only on really really long play sessions or terrible computers). If they occur, just save and restart the game.

Sprite Overhaul Pack
This pack does a variety of things including changing the pixelly Pokemony feel for a non-pixelly Pokemony feel (you'll just have to click the link to see what I mean by that). It also includes XY backgrounds! Credits to /u/MellyShy.

Team Olympus Updated Sprites.
This changes Team Olympus's sprites to an updated, cleaner version! Credits to /u/echothethird.
Team Asgard Updated Sprites.
This changes Team Asgard's sprites to an updated, cleaner version! Credits to /u/Siveran.

Rival Jake Updated Sprites.
This changes your Rival Jake's sprites to an updated, cleaner version! Credits to /u/Polahhhbear.
Divaevus/Maladeux Updated Sprites.
This changes Divaevus and Maladeux sprites to an updated, cleaner version! Includes icons, overworld, and shiny sprites, so you can be mad when your opponent has a shiny divaevus! Credits to the artist that /u/Serrixcommissioned, with help by me!.
For these two files, make sure you click the gray "download from browser button" to get the file! The button that says "MEGAsync" is not the file that you want!

CHANGELOG (Bolded are 1.5.5/, unbolded are 1.5.1-1.5.4)
  • Fixed the issue where LunarDusk doesn’t know how to make minimal changes to a game in less than 5 patches
  • Refixed crash at Megastone shop
  • The music files have been fixed, and now both games take 10x less space than ever before!! + Fixed the broken or misplaced gen 6 cries.
  • Fixed problems caused by the trader in Blackfist City Residential District. If it breaks again i’ll most likely just add these pokemon into the wild for both games but from previous testing, it should be working now!
  • Added the Lati@site stones into the respective games that needed them. + Changed the Mysterious egg into a regular Noibat gift, so Solorun players will have it sent straight to their Pc. Sorry it won’t be shiny anymore!
  • Fixed Music for both Mac and PC, meaning that it should not only play properly but also loop and change in the proper scenarios. + Readded the Readme file to the patch folder, so now you can know how to properly patch. Sorry about that!
  • Fixed Polaris Town trade. The youngster is the same one that trades the Keckleon!
  • Zarivar Town now has a man in a green deliveryman outfit. Talk to him to obtain the past mystery gift items!
  • The menu option “Mystery Gifts” has been removed from the Save Select menu. There are no more Mystery Gifts, and the ones from the past versions are available in Zarivar Town as stated above.
  • Fixed The infamous Blackfist City bug. Credits for /u/Deukhoofd for everything he did to help me fix the issue!
  • Added the three starter pokemon to the Aroma region for people playing a solo run that want to complete the pokedex still. You will find Victreebel and Magmortar in Route 5X, and Kingdra can be caught on Route 7X when fishing!
  • All of the necessary music files have been changed from .midi to .mp3, meaning that they SHOULD work in the mac versions now. If not, check your settings.
  • Added Axew to Midnight Way in Zeta, because I forgot to make him non-exclusive. sorry!
  • Added the gen 6 shiny sprites, delta shiny sprites, and all the missing follower sprites! credit to Princess-Phoenix on deivantart For the original sprites of the gen 6, and credits to Sicns and everyone who helped him for gathering delta followers!
  • Added in cries for any missing pokemon. Plate Legendary cries are courtesy of /u/LJ_Ele118 from the Epsilon team!
  • Added a new event in Zarivar Town. Make sure to talk to Jeremy in the Lab once you get into town! He may have a surprise for you.
  • Added a new house in Blackfist City, with a small family of a mother and her son who has moved into the area to trade with anyone! In the aroma region, a youngster has been spotted on his own in a house in Polaris town, maybe he has a new pokemon to trade?(TRADES DEPEND ON GAME VERSION)
  • Added Blaziken to the rare wild encounters of Route 6X, since he was the only starter that you couldn’t catch in the wild.
  • A certain character from the Aroma Region appears in the Challenge Championship Lobby, and showing him a legendary pokemon will give you the matching legendary from the other version of the game. For example, if you show Jirachi to him in Zeta, he will give you Victini.
  • Simipour, Simisage, and Simisear have been added as an event in Phoenix Iota. Talk to a girl in the Pokemon center to start the event.
  • Changed the legendary dog event slightly. Now, instead of only one appearing based on your aroma starter choice, you will be able to obtain all three!
  • A hiker in the High Kingdom City now sells all of the megatons for both versions.
  • All online features have been removed.


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