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Zelda Sacred Paradox


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Latest version- Demo (November 14 2016)

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Name: Zelda: Sacred Paradox
Hack of: Fire Red
Language: English
Creator: Meowth
Status: ???


The goal of this game is to fully replace the Pokemon experience with a Zelda experience similar to the Gameboy Zelda games. You will play as Link as you journey through a familiar yet new version of Hyrule... as a monster tamer. The battle mechanics of Pokemon will take over for this game, as you collect and capture creatures inside of Soul Gems. Gyms are out of the equation, as now you must complete dungeons by solving puzzles and capturing or defeating bosses and minibosses. Many characters from all around the Zelda timelines will make an appearance in this game, making this a fanservice fangame. The "Sacred Paradox" itself will stem from a villain capturing Zelda and entering the Sacred Realm to create an altered world to rule over, bending reality to fuse two worlds into one. Link must defeat this villain to rescue Princess Zelda and save Hyrule! 

Extra Info

Keep in mind that it is highly unplayable. You can sell the items you find for full price in the shop and buy them at a low price, that's currently the only way to make money. Definitely do that and buy some Faded Gems from Vasu's shop before leaving the first area. 


Meowth, The Spriter's Resource, Zeldapedia, AlBryce, hikolol35, DragonDeplatino 


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