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Pokemon Renegade Platinum


Author:  Dryano
Release Year: 2018
Original Version: Pokemon Platinum
Language: English 
Version: Completed
Pokémon Renegade Platinum, an enhancement hack for Platinum, and is complete!
Modified ItemsThe following items now have a “Use” option like evolutionary stones:
– Deep Sea Scale
– Deep Sea Tooth
– Dragon Scale
– Dubious Disc
– Electirizer
– King’s Rock
– Magmarizer
– Metal Coat
– Protector
– Reaper Cloth
– Up-Grade
The following items have had adjustments to their costs:– Poké Ball ($200 >> $50)
– Great Ball ($600 >> $150)
– Ultra Ball ($1200 >> $300)
The following items now cost zero and are thus unsellable:– All TMs
Modified TMsThe following TMs have had their moves changed (compatibility matches Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon plus extras as listed in Pokémon Changes):
– TM55: Brine >> Scald
– TM57: Charge Beam >> Wild Charge
– TM62: Silver Wind >> Bug Buzz
– TM83: Natural Gift >> Hyper Voice
– TM85: Dream Eater >> Dazzling Gleam
– TM88: Pluck >> Hurricane
Additionally, all TMs will now have a quantity of 99 when obtained.– No TMs are available within Poké Marts.
– An NPC at the Pokémon League can reset your inventory to have 99 of all TMs.
Move Changes– The numbers of all moves (power, accuracy, PP, effect chance, priority) are updated to match Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
– Curse is now a Ghost-type move as in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
– Charm, Moonlight and Sweet Kiss are now Fairy-type as in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
Pokémon Changes– The Fairy-type has been added to the game, replacing the almost unused ???-type.
– All Pokémon have had their base stats updated to match Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
– All Pokémon have had their types updated to match Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
– All Pokémon have had their wild held item updated to match Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (with some exceptions).
– Wingull, Pelipper and Torkoal have gained their new abilities from Gen VII.
Trainer Pokémon– Trainer rosters in every area has been modified. They are all listed below with species and levels.
– Important trainers have their entire roster listed including species, levels, items, moves and natures and more and more
Wild Pokémon– The Wild Pokémon in each area have been modified.
– The levels listed for an area are the minimum and maximum levels that you may encounter in that area.
– Please note that many Pokémon can only be encountered at one specific level. Only some have the range.
– Fishing rod encounters have fixed levels. The Old Rod is Lv. 10, the Good Rod is Lv. 25 and the Super Rod is Lv. 50.
– The Old Rod and Good Rod are obtainable from the same places as before. The Super Rod is obtainable in Snowpoint City.
– Honey trees now respond with an encounter straight away after applying Honey.
– Please note that the shiny rate for Pokémon is 1/512 unless you chose to use the normal rate patch.
-Classic version of Renegade Platinum. Use this if you would rather leave the base stats and types of Pokémon untouched.
-Complete version of Renegade Platinum. Use this if you want to play with all changes including those to Pokémon base stats and types.
-The “Normal Shiny” patch has the normal 1/8192 shiny rate.
-The “Boosted Shiny” patch has a boosted 1/512 shiny rate.
v1.0.1Release Date: 22nd December, 2018.
Saves from v1.0.0 are fully compatible with this version.
Changes:– Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite now learn Aqua Jet by level.
– Heracross can now learn Bullet Seed by TM.
– Beldum, Metang and Metagross now have a catch rate of 45, up from 3.
– Added an Evolution Changes document.
Documentation Fixes:– Fixed a bad description of Scald’s new effect in the Move Changes document.
– Added unlisted gift Pokémon to the Special Events guide.
– Added unlisted NPCs to the NPC Changes guide.
– Fixed Mars’ Purugly incorrectly listing Covet in its moveset in the Trainer Pokémon document.
– Added a note about minimal Egg Cycles in the Pokémon Changes document.
– Fixed Munchlax incorrectly being listed as a wild Pokémon in Route 203.
– Fixed Lasses Sarah and Samantha having each other’s Pokémon listed in the Trainer
Game Fixes:– Fixed Cubone not showing up in the wild on Route 203 outside of the morning.
– Fixed incorrect encounters on Route 228 in the day and night.
– Fixed Pachirisu’s new stats not adding up to the expected total (+5 to Sp. Atk base).
– Fixed Scald being incorrectly coded as a contact move.
– Fixed an NPC stating there were Rock Smash rocks in Ravaged Path on Route 204.
– Fixed an overlap of NPC and item on Route 209.
– Fixed an issue where you could jump over a ledge on top of a youngster on Route 203.
– Fixed a bunch of incorrect level up moves, including Wood Hammer Glaceon. Big thanks to @BurnSombreroBrn for helping track those down.
– Fixed a bug where Dawn would incorrectly use Lucas’ dialogue on Route 202.
– Fixed a bug where you were able to dismount your bike on Route 206 and potentially get stuck.
– Fixed a bug where you could walk through the Galactic grunt blockade on Route 205.
– Fixed a bug where Traynee, the trainer NPC, would only let you fight Lv. 35 Chansey after beating Crasher Wake instead of Maylene.
– Fixed dialogue referring to the Pokétch being available via coupons.
– Fixed dialogue referring to Secret Potion and Black Glasses as one word.
– Fixed dialogue where there was a typo in Cheryl’s text in Eterna Forest.
Known Issues:– Fairy-types are incorrectly listed as Ghost-types in the Pokédex.
– If you faint early in the game and reappear in your house, you stand on top of the Poké Ball on the cushion.
– A Psychic in Eterna Forest talks about their Meditite when they don’t have one.
– The game will send out a glitch as your second Pokémon when entering scripted double battles with only one Pokémon in your party.
– Some trainers in the game (notably Dawn/Lucas) give you $0 upon victory.
– Some trainers in the game have no dialogue after being defeated.
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