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Download Pokemon Ultra Fire Sun GBA


Name: Pokemon Ultra Fire Sun
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Juega CristAngel

Pokemon Ultra Fire Sun is GBA Rom, based on Pokemon Fire Red, Hacked by Juega CristAngel. It’s a Feature hack. The Story is followed FireRed’s story. In the present, Pokemon Theta Sun X is a Final Completed version.

  • New Attacks
  • Fairy Type
  • +1400 Pokemon
  • Pokemon Upto Gen 7 + More Fakemons
  • 5% Chance to get Shiny
  • Critical Update
  • Som:Updated Sprites
  • EV/IV Viewer
  • PSS System
  • -The initials are of Kanto, but the initials of Alola are all captureable (all evolutions available).
  • – Pokémon from 1st to 7th.
  • -BW repellent system.
  • -Exhain when capturing a Pokémon.
  • “System of day and night.
  • “Fairy type.”
  • Mega Evolution in Battle
  • Capture EXP system
  • More and more but the PokeCry is incorrect!



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