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Download Prepatched Pokemon Platinum Trade Edition


Name: Pokemon Platinum Trade Edition
Based on: Pokemon Platinum

So, in this game, you can trade evolve in-game??? yeah, now, maybe we don’t try to play pokemon platinum with your friend or on Nintendo DS more times and just playing offline. So how we can trade evolve in-game when we can’t use wireless features… :))) And the with this problem, So I will make this game. In this game, you can use Moon Stone and evolve all Pokemon need trade evolution. I followed Bulbapedia and hacked this game. hmm, Maybe it’s a small feature so I actually give you another feature and…. xDDDDDD yeah, you can catch all Starters up to Gen 4 at Route 102. Yup, So so easy, you can catch all :)))) Remember to buy more Poke balls and catch all. That’s all, I don’t want to change anything about storyline or level of trainers. Because I want to hold a clear game ok. :))) It’s completed.


  • Using Moon Stone to trade evolve in-game
  • Using Water Stone to evolve into Huntail
  • Catching all starters up to Gen 4 att Route 201




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