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Citra for Android

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An (Unofficial) Android frontend for the Citra Emulator
This is an unofficial port for the Citra emulator based on the Dolphin emulator's Android frontend. So, huge props to the guys over there.
Since this code is almost entirely a copy of the Dolphin frontend,there are a lot of useless segments in here that aren't being used ... or are useless.
Download apk files from here

Device Requirements

  • OS
    • Android (5.0 Lollipop or higher).
  • Processor
    • A processor with support for either ARMv8 or x86-64; 32-bit processors (ARMv7, x86) are not supported by Citra.
  • Graphics
    • A graphics processor that supports OpenGL ES 3.2 or higher.

Known Issues

Since this is in very early stages of development a lot of things don't quite work properly yet:
  • Colors in games (since GLES doesn't support BGR color ordering, the color channels may be inverted);
  • Since this is based on an older version of Citra, bugs solved on newer versions of Citra may still be present.

Nintendo Switch emulator

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Image result for yuzu emulator
The nightly build of yuzu contains already reviewed and tested features. If you require support with the installation or use of yuzu, or you want to report bugs you should use this version. This version is still in development, so expect crashes and bugs.

The canary build of yuzu is the same as our nightly builds, with additional features that are still waiting on review before making it into the official yuzu builds.

If you believe you’ve found a bug, please retest on our nightly builds. This version is still in development, so expect crashes and bugs.

Note: Mac OS is no longer supported due to Apple deprecating OpenGL and their current version not supporting the OpenGL extensions we require.

The yuzu installer automates the management of a yuzu installation, and is recommended on supported platforms. It provides automated updating as well as shortcuts in your start menu.

Asura’s Wrath [RPCS3] ^*CorePack Repack*^ (6.12 Gb)

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Asura’s Wrath is a beat ’em up video game developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Capcom. Asura’s Wrath was first announced at the Tokyo Game Show in 2010, and was released worldwide in February 2012.
The game follows the title character, the demigod Asura as he seeks revenge on the pantheon of other demigods who betrayed him. The story is presented in the style and format of an episodic series of cinematic scenes, including opening and closing credits, with the gameplay being integrated into the cinematic where players switch between third-person combat and interactive sequences with player input in the form of quick-time event button prompts.
Because of its unique style, the game has been described in the media as an “interactive anime”. According to the game’s producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, Asura’s Wrath takes elements from Hinduism and Buddhism and blends them with science fiction, with the main character based on the ever combative and superiority-seeking beings of the same name that are part of the Hindu and Buddhist cosmology.


  • New type of action game – Asura s Wrath will seamlessly blend action and narrative and will adopt an episodic nature, more akin to a TV drama series.
  • Relentless action – Asura s Wrath keeps placing gamers in tight situations and says now get out of that.
  • What the Heaven – Unique enemies and planetary sized bosses will continually challenge players expectations.
  • Innovative setting and story – Fusing Asian mythology with sci-fi, Asura s Wrath s universe will be truly unique.


##Download Link##
[Direct Link-I]
<1 Gb Parts>
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<1 Gb Parts>
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Its Emulated Game⇒
It’s PS3 game, why it’s on PC now?
Well, it’s simple. There is a PS3 emulator, called RPCS3, which makes games designed for PS3 to be playable on Windows platform. RPCS3 is constantly improving, cause it’s supported by backers on Patreon platform, so anyone can expect a more powerful, more compatible and much faster PS3 emulation in the near future.
But even now, with RPCS3 v1.7.3d you can play latest PS3 game on your PC, if it’s not an abacus. 4-cores CPU + good GPU are highly recommended. Just download this repack, install as any other PC game and run it from desktop icon, created by the installer. Remember, that language and controls have to be changed in RPCS3 settings, not in-game. By default it’s English language and keyboard controls (see mapping in RPCS3 options).

1636 - pokemon fire red (u)(squirrels) rom download

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The Best ROM to patch all your favorite fire red ROM hacks like Adventure red, orange island and many more Download now


Drastic DS Emulator APK Free Download Latest Pro Version (For Android)

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Drastic DS Emulator APK Free Download Latest Pro Version. Drastic DS Emulator APK Paid Latest version July 2017 V2.5.0.4a ready to download for android Free of cost. The DraStic is the fastest Emulator for the Nintendo DS Console games. In addition to being able to run Nintendo Drastic DS Emulator games at all speeds, it’s on most Android devices. With this powerful and fast simulator, you can revive your memories with childhood games on your Android phone.
First of all, keep in mind that the drastic DS Emulator Full APK will run at less than 100 speeds on almost every Android device. The performance will vary greatly between devices. Be the leader in mind when choosing to download this app. The most powerful DS Emulator APK for android is a user-friendly emulator for Android. however, rooms with the simulator and with all the emulators they should be separately downloaded. Please just download the games that you already enjoy!


iDeaS for Linux

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Size: 379K

DeSmuME for mac

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Size: 7.5M
Version: 0.9.11


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No$GBA best DS Emulator for NDS Roms

Download NO$GBA  pronounced as 'No Cash GBA' is a Nintendo DS / DS Lite and GameBoy Advance emulator for Windows 10, Windows XP and MS-DOS. NO$GBA options include emulating all known save types as well as and multiple cartridges reading. NoGBA supports multiplayer and is able to load multiple NDS ROM files for linking games. Multiplayer for GBA Games is also supported.
NoGBA DS ROM Dragon Quest IX SentinelsEven if you have NO cash you can play Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance games. What you need is a PC, some NDS roms or GBA roms and No$gba emulator program. NoGBA will let your PC 'pretend' to be a game console and so you can play DS games with NO ca$h.$ Emulator could be called NoNDS or No$DS, but as it was started as a Gameboy Advance roms emulator and only later acquired ability to play DS games it continues to be called No$GBA and not No$NDS or anything else like that.
Play NDS ROMs from Internet 
Of all the NDS emulators No$GBA has the best compatibility with commercial DS ROMs. And of course it supports running Nintendo DS homebrew. With a little help from NO$Zoomer games can be played on full screen. No$gba may include zoom option for the screen in the new version 2.7 or 2.8, but untill then to make the screen bigger you have to use no$gba 2.9b with zoomer add-on application. Pokemon White and Black version requires an action replay code to get passed the freezes. WinDS Pro DSi emu installation package includes the latest version of No GBA togather with the best add-ons.

No$GBA NoGBA Pokemon DSThe Nintendo DS is a cool gadget. It can play games, take and view photos, surf the Internet and many other features that come in this small package. The commercial Nintendo games are the best there is. The Nintendo DS is also famous for its innovative touch screen games; it revolutionized gaming and fun. But if and only for playing games, why not bring the Nintendo DS to the computer?
The idea of emulating gaming platforms is not new. Nintendo consoles such as Gameboy and  Game Boy Advance; and Sony's PlayStation and Playstation 2 have emulator versions for the PC. In late 2004, the prototype of future NDS emulator was released. 'NDS Emu', the first emulator, came with a demo file; it could not play commercial games. Of course, subsequent developments of the program were undertaken. Here is a list of Nintendo DS emulators available; they can be downloaded from the Internet.
Dualis, the second emulator released in 2005, is plugin-based for the Windows OS. Written in x86 assembly and C++, this emulator is able to record videos using the VFW encoding system. The output is in AVI file. However, the Dualis could not run dumps of Nintendo DS cartridges. The Dualis could be downloaded from
NO$GBA, is a freeware Nintendo DS emulator and the first one to do a successful emulation in its 2006 release. Originally a Gameboy Advance emulator, it is now capable of running both commercial and homebrew Nintendo DS games. Famous games such as Pokemon Diamond could be played, at full speed, with no glitches in graphics. The latest NO$GBA version is 2.9, while the 2.9b is available for those who would like to make a donation.
iDeaS, another successful Nintendo DS emulator, could also run commercial games for the Windows OS. With the OpenGL, iDeaS emulates ARM7 Gameboy Advance processor and ARM9 dual screen processor. It could run many commercial NDS games, although with a bit graphical errors, such as the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl and Super Mario 64 DS. For the touchscreen, the mouse cursor is used.

Desume NDS for Windows

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DeSmuME is a Nintendo DS emulator
DeSmuME is the most seasoned open source Nintendo DS emulator. It sports tools designed for hackers, speedrunners, youtubers, and casual gamers. Homebrew programs are supported and can even be debugged through GDB.

Mednafen GBA emulator for linux

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Mednafen is a portable, utilizing OpenGL and SDL, argument(command-line)-driven multi-system emulator. Mednafen has the ability to remap hotkey functions and virtual system inputs to a keyboard, a joystick, or both simultaneously. Save states are supported, as is real-time game rewinding. Screen snapshots may be taken, in the PNG file format, at the press of a button. Mednafen can record audiovisual movies in the QuickTime file format, with several different lossless codecs supported.

The following systems are supported(refer to the emulation module documentation for more details):

Atari Lynx
Neo Geo Pocket (Color)
GameBoy (Color)
GameBoy Advance
Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom
Virtual Boy
PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 (CD)
Sega Game Gear
Sega Genesis/Megadrive
Sega Master System
Sega Saturn (experimental, x86_64 only)
Sony PlayStation
Mednafen is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPLv2.

Due to the threaded model of emulation used in Mednafen, and limitations of SDL, a joystick is preferred over a keyboard to play games, as the joystick will have slightly less latency, although the latency differences may not be perceptible to most people.

Download John GBA - GBA emulator Paid for free

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John GBA - GBA emulator 3.51


John GBA is GBA emulator for android 2.3+.
This app does not work without your own game files.
Please try John GBA lite before purchasing.
John GBA can take over John GBA Lite data.
- Original GBA engine
- Cheats (Raw/GameShark/CodeBreaker)
- High quality rendering
- Search game files in SDCard & Internal Storage
- Virtual On-screen keypad
- Zipped file support
- Save States (with previews)
- Customizable keys
- Turbo buttons
- Screenshot
- Fast forward / Slow down (x0.25 - x16)
- Bluetooth / MOGA controller support
- Dropbox support (requires John DataSync)
- No ADs
- No internet connection
Hardware requirements
-CPU: 1.0GHz Dual-core

Download My Boy Paid for free

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My Boy! - GBA Emulator 1.8.0


My Boy! is a super fast emulator to run GameBoy Advance games on the broadest range of Android devices, from very low-end phones to modern tablets. It does more than just emulating the full system. Thanks to the save state system, you can save progress at any time and return back to it instantly. And while enabling fast-forward in game, you can quickly skip the long boring intros/dialogs in RPGs.*** You CAN link up two different games, and it is easy! Refer to instructions on our website.
*** CHEATS ACTUALLY WORK! Please refer to the FAQ on our website.• Fastest emulation. Easily get to 60 FPS without frame skips on medium-end devices.
• Excellent game compatibility. Run nearly all games without a problem.
• Saves your battery as much as possible.
• Link cable emulation either on the same device, or across devices over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, running at decent speed.
• Gyroscope/tilt/solar sensor and rumble emulation through your Android's hardware sensors and vibrator!
• Enter multilined GameShark/ActionReplay/CodeBreaker cheat codes and enable/disable them on the fly while the game is running.
• High-level BIOS emulation. No BIOS file needed.
• IPS/UPS ROM patching
• OpenGL rendering backend, as well as normal rendering on devices without a GPU.
• Fast-forward to skip long stories, as well as slow down games to get past a level you cannot in normal speed.
• Save games at any time with screenshot
• On-screen keypad (multi-touch requires Android 2.0 or later), as well as shortcut buttons such as load/save.
• A very powerful screen layout editor, with which you can define the position and size for each of the on-screen controls, as well as for the game video.
• External controllers support, through either the Android native way or input method.
• Well-designed user interface. Seamlessly integrated with the latest Android.
• Create and switch to different screen-layout and key-mapping profiles.
• Create shortcuts to easily launch your favorite games from your desktop.No games are included in this app and you need to obtain yours in a legal way. Place them onto your SD card, and browse to them from within the app.LEGAL: This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Nintendo Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries.*** Unlike many others, we are the actual core developers. Your reported bugs will most likely get fixed very soon!

BoyCott Advance GBA Emulator Mac

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There was a real competition between Visual Boy Advance-M & BoyCott Advance to be in the third position on our list.
But BoyCott Advance edged ahead as it provided a speedy emulation while Visual Boy Advance didn’t work on Sierra.
BoyCott Advance is a very light-weight Game Boy Advance Emulator which will emulate GBA Games with proper anti-aliasing smoothing techniques and good sound. [1.2 MB only!]
Plus you can download its inbuilt-emulator enhancer too which will even enable support for USB Joysticks and full-screen view support too.

Download Open Emu

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Open Emu is yet another feature-rich alternative Game Boy Advance emulator for OS X. The Best thing about Open Emu is it acts as an interface for multiple gaming console emulators.
Thus, using a single Open Emu, you can download multiple cores to emulate GBA, GBC, NES, and even Atari systems. Hence, a single Open Emu program can run GBA games, NES games, and even Other gaming console games too
But, since it has a few extra features, Open Emu can be at times very unstable and may close unexpectedly. Just click on “ReOpen” to relaunch Open Emu in the previous running state.
Plus, the additional support for screen recording & Joystick support make it a sweet all-in-one emulator for all your gaming needs, so you need not download separate emulators for each gaming console type.

Download mGBA

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mGBA is perhaps the best Game Boy Advance emulator for Mac OS X. It can easily play any GBA Game ROMs on your Mac OS X as well as you can even load Custom Bios too.
mGBA is actively developed, and hence it works on latest Mac OS X versions such as Sierra & El Capitan too. After, downloading the emulator Zip file, simply control-click + open it to execute the emulator.  Some other USP of mGBA are –
  • Joystick & USB GamePad controller support
  • Save & Reload your Game States
  • Multiplayer support
  • Sound Emulation

Download VBA-M For Mac

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Download: VBA-M For Mac

Size: 6.7M
Version: 2.0.2

Download Visual Boy Advance-M emualtor

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GBA Emulator for Windows

VBA-M is a fork from the now inactive VisualBoy Advance project, with goals to improve the capatibility and features of the emulator




Download VBA Visual Boy Advance Emulator

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VisualBoyAdvance is a game emulator that can emulate all the games that were available on the Nintendo handheld consoles, and is capable of supporting 1487 kb flash. The application also applies automatic IP patches to the games.

The GameBoy and GameBoy Advance emulations provided by this application are pretty accurate for an emulated environment.

VisualBoyAdvance is very easy to install and uses only a couple of MB of space. It works quite well on old systems, but it has been known to crash upon being installed in new systems.

There may be some display errors and you could find that it may not fit the screen correctly. That being said, it is one of the most comprehensive applications that support the old GameBoy environment.

Although VisualBoyAdvance is not a very complicated application, but novice users would need to learn emulation and its basics before beginning.

Download Citra 3DS Emulator

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Download Citra

The nightly build of Citra contains already reviewed and tested features. If you require support with the installation or use of Citra, or you want to report bugs you should use this version. This version is still in development, so expect crashes and bugs.
The Canary build of Citra is the same as our nightly builds, with additional features that are still waiting on review before making it into the official Citra builds. We will not provide support for issues found only in this version. If you believe you’ve found a bug, please retest on our nightly builds. This version is still in development, so expect crashes and bugs.

The Citra updater provides a easy interface to install, update and manage Citra. Unless you know what you are doing, this is likely what you are looking for. Citra currently does not support Android or iOS, only desktop x64 systems.

“If You get Citra Was Unable Locate the 3DS Shared Fonts/Fatal Error” or Asking for 3DS Dump Files Then Download the Home/User Folder from below Links:
Home/User Folder Mirror – System Archives and the Shared Fonts
Now follow Below Steps for How to Use that Home/User Folder :
Extract and copy the contents of the USER folder (the “nand” and “sysdata” folders)
and paste them into “%appdata%/Citra” (or: C:/Users/[your-user-name]/AppData/Roaming/Citra/) for windows
or for macOS and Linux, paste it into “~/.local/share/citra-emu/” and overwrite any existing files.
Edit: on Windows the “AppData” folder is hidden by default and on Mac OS and Linux the “.local” folder is hidden by default.
You may need to show hidden files to access these folders so you can paste the files.
Download for Windows x64Download for Mac x64Download for Linux x64